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10 Day Self Love Challenge




* Stuck in a cycle of negative self-talk lowering your vibe?       * How to take care & have a healthy body.
* Overthinking what people think of you?                                    *  Share the tools you need to make big shifts.                  * Getting STUCK in that comparison trap?                                  * Feeling more fear in your life than love?

* Stuck never feeling enough?                                                     * Bored at home and looking for something fun to do?
*Show you how to shift your mindset.                                        * Reveal your personal self-love language.

* Give you more confidence and clarity.                                     * Begin your Meditation journey to improve your mental health.

We are so excited to announce our new 10-Day Self Love  Challenge for the month of March which is focused on SELF-LOVE! If you are new to the Self Love Boot Camp, WELCOME!! We are so happy that you are here and I hope you are ready to improve your Mind, Soul, Spirit, and just ready to change your life and find joy in the everyday challenges of life.

This year our theme for 2021 is “You are the THINKER that THINKS the THOUGHT that CREATES the THING" – it’s just about being YOUR best.  And we feel like we couldn’t have chosen anything better to focus on.

All of us are at different places & stages in our journey of life. We have different challenges & experiences that shape us into who we are. It doesn’t matter what your friend or sister or neighbor looks like – the only thing that matters is YOU. YOU can change who YOU are. YOU can change where you are headed. YOU can change the woman that you want to become.

My best is going to look different than your best. And your best is going to look different than your neighbor’s best – but what matters is that we are all just trying our bests, whatever that looks like – and together we can help each other become better in the next 10 days.   The 10-Day Self Love Challenge will be in March for 10 straight nights, except for Sunday evening.


We also have a radio show called Praying with the Masters on Tues. & Thurs morning at 7:00 am.  We have guests on the show that talks about LOVING whom we are & LOVING our bodies and what we put into our bodies. 


When you start your day off with prayer and guidance from spirit you know your day is filled with Love & Joy, and it helps you to meditate better which you will also learn How to Meditate and so much more in the 10-Day Self Love Challenge.

Meet your Life Coaches:

Rev. Coach Tyra Love



me again.jpg

is passionate about sharing the self-love and the empowering messages and the incredible Love frequency of the angels.

She loves helping others to remember their true authentic self and the power within and is honored to share the power of self-love, healing, guidance, and wisdom from the Divine and Spiritual Realms.

My spiritual sister Coach Gwen.jpg
Coach Gwendolyn Health 
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