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   Angels of Love – Channeled Message of Love

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Angels of Love – A Message of Love Channeled with the

“Angels of Love”

All Angels have an incredible loving vibration. Your Guardian Angels, the Archangels, and all Angelic beings can help fill your aura with love. They are here to support you in becoming more loving, treating yourself with self-love, and bringing more love into your relationships, so you can then overflow that love out beyond you.

However, you can also call on the Angels of love. The Angels of love are a unique group of Angels specific to you. The Angels who can most serve you at the moment you call upon them will help you tune into a greater level of love, infuse your aura and vibration with love, and bring more love into all areas of your life.

Know that you can call the Angels of love into your space at any time. Just think or say, “Angels of love, surround me, assist me in tuning into a greater level of love right here and now.” Then remember to quiet your mind, open your heart and relax, relax, relax, relax. It’s not from holding on. It’s not from trying to connect. It’s relaxing and lifting to link with the Angels of love and with the entire Angelic realm.

I want us to experience calling in the Angels of love together.

Close your eyes, shift your awareness inside as you breathe, relax, and imagine light glowing vibrantly all around you. At this time, I ask that we be surrounded by the Angels of love. I ask the specific Angels who can most support us in tuning into the highest vibration of love available here and now. Surround us, uplift us, love us, and help us to tune into your vibration. Help us to quiet our minds, open our hearts, and experience your love, frequency, and guidance right here and right now.



A Channeled Message of Love

Greetings from the Angels of love. Indeed we are present with you now, surrounding you in a circle, a ring to support you right here and now. To receive this blessing of love, this frequency, we invite you to relax. For when you are in a state of relaxation, you become more receptive to the finer, higher, more subtle vibrations of existence. It is in these subtle wavelengths that the highest frequencies of love can be felt, can be experienced, can be integrated into your being so that you then flow love forth and mirror love back.

Embrace love to turn away from fear, to turn away from doubt and negativity, to dive wholeheartedly into the new paradigm of love, of an awakened being. Let this love fill you and overflow beyond you into your relationships, into every area of life, into the collective consciousness, into the earth. Fill yourself with love and shine light and love forth to benefit all.

At this time, focus upon your heart and become aware of all the many Angels surrounding you as we each flow love in your direction. Feel the love pouring in from above, from below, from beside, behind, in front, in every direction. Love flows into your present point in time. As you relax and open your heart, you are able to lift in this high vibrational frequency, for love is the highest vibration of all. Love is the pure experience of the divine and of the divine will infusing your body, mind, and spirit with love now brings greater love into every area of your life by default.

Breathe in and let love fill your lungs. Let love flow into your body. Let your body tingle with the vibration of love as you are elevated with this love blessing, this love frequency, this download of divine love we flow in your direction now. All you need to do to let it in is breathe, relax, focus inward, and think, yes.

As the love frequency steps up your vibration, as it pushes out of your field any fear, insecurity, judgment, negativity, and these lower vibrational things that block you from fully experiencing love, let go and release. Let them go, releasing into the light to make way for higher elevated states of love in your life, for yourself to be love, to embody love, to bring the vibration of love into every area of your life, every encounter, every experience, so that you become a master of love, sharing love with all those whom you encounter.

Relationships that Needs Love

This way, you won’t slip back into fear and lower negative reactions and expressions, but simply shine radiantly as the awakened love being you authentically are. With this love in your aura, in your mind, body, and spirit, let your focus now flow towards a relationship where you've been feeling challenged or where your awareness is simply drawn unto now, where a little more love would help and serve.

With your focus upon this relationship, love flows in, golden, diamond, magenta love of the fifth dimension and higher, love surrounding you, surrounding your relationship, clearing the lines of communication, and elevating the love vibration.

Overcoming Challenges With Love

Now think of an area of your life in which you feel challenged. Let the same light of love surround it and uplift it. Now think of the entire planet, the earth, Gaia glowing with the light of love, hearts filled with love and light around the planet, creating human awakened heart grid that you are a part of, you are through embodying love and shining with love, elevating the vibration of the planet, of Gaia, of humanity, of the collective consciousness.

Open your heart to let greater love flow into your heart, to awaken your heart light to its highest possible level. This diamond, golden, pink light of the divine, fills you, uplifts you, soothes you, replenishes your energy, replenishes your light, and fills your cup up with love in its highest vibration.

You can now effortlessly, without being drained, without being strained, flow this love outward towards all, towards your friends, family, the close relationships in your life, towards coworkers, clients, acquaintances, towards all of humanity, the collective consciousness, towards the very earth, towards animals and all souls.

Fill yourself with love, open your heart, expand in love, and receive the blessing of love direct from the divine, from the Angels, from the infinite supply of divine love available. Fill yourself up, become love, shine with love, This is powerful today and in every moment.



Return to love. Release fear, uncertainty, and negativity and refocus on the higher vibrational truth that is love that is this love vibration that connects all, that is rising to the surface that does serve in the awakening process. When you tune into this, it multiplies.

Sending Love and Light to you from:

Rev. Tyra Love & The Angels

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