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Archangel Orion

Who Is Archangel Orion?
Archangel Orion is the galactic Archangel… He is an incredibly powerful, cosmic, and love filled guide from the Celestial Realms.

Orion is not one of the main historically documented archangels… And honestly, I didn't think he was an archangel when I first connected with him, rather I saw him as more of an ‘Angel Guide' who was a highly advanced light being, and spirit guide who serves according to Divine Will, and works with the Archangels, and Ascended Masters… This is actually a true and accurate description of him…
But now I've realized that he does sit with the archangels, works hand in hand with them, and when I asked if he was indeed an Archangel, Orion said… “While I do not require any such title… Your association with my rank, and unity among those light beings you know Archangels is true.”

So the way I now look at it, is this… Yes, Orion is an Archangel, and he is an incredibly powerful and active guide for humanity now that we are living during ascension times.

Orion has always been serving Earth… But he is somewhat new in stepping forward to guide and support us on our ascension journey vocally and actively.
Orion get's his name because he broadcasts healing light and frequency towards Earth through the center of the three stars which make up the constellation known as Orion's Belt!

As we progress on our collective path of becoming awakened cosmic citizens, Orion has a ton of insight and guidance to share.  He also has a great deal of advanced esoteric knowledge, wisdom and an expanded perspective he loves helping us to tune into… But he also has very grounded, accurate and practical advice to help us navigate our physical lives. who can help us the support of the universe in manifesting a life we love.
Archangel Orion is super friendly, chatty, and easy to hear! He's like an incredibly wise, always loving, always understanding magical friend who is always ready, willing, and able to help you out with whatever you may need.

He offers powerful help with energy clearing, protection, releasing dark or negative energy (or entities), and on the lighter side he will help you to open to receive and understand the vast beauty, magic, and high vibrational frequency present now.

Orion is one of the main guides I worked with to bring through the Angel Energy Healing modality…
Orion loves helping people open to their spiritual gifts, energy healing and channeling ability, and really… Their full potential.

If you haven't already connected with Orion, I recommend it! Orion is an incredibly powerful, loving, and helpful Archangel to have on your team!

Here are some of the Free Angel Messages I've channeled with Orion:
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•    Your Authentic Self and Inner Truth with Orion 
•    Love Angel Message with Orion 
•    Discover Your Soul's True Purpose with Orion 

Channeled Message from Orion | What is Light?
•    Opening Your Heart | Orion
•    Life's Purpose | Orion
•    Channeling and Love | Orion
Or if you want to Work with Orion to open your Energy Healing Gifts…

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