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Signs from Heaven … 9 Signs from Deceased Loved

Updated: Aug 23, 2022


How Do You Know If Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Reaching Out?

Losing loved ones is never easy. In the days, weeks, and even years that follow someone's transition from this life to the next, it's natural to want some sort of sign that our loved ones are in some way still with us.

Receiving signs from deceased loved ones is called after-death communication, studies show that upwards of 20% of Americans have experienced some form of communication with loved ones after their death. Signs from spirit can be deeply personal and can come in a number of ways that may be surprising, profound, or even easy to overlook.

The key to noticing signs from your deceased loved ones is to increase your awareness in your daily life. It's not about trying to make signs from spirit happen. Rather, simply being receptive and open to what is happening in the present moment creates a space and opening for spirit to reach you. I never thought I would be able to communicate with my deceased love ones and my friends that have crossed over, but ever since I had a connection with the Angels, my deceased spirit friends and family found a way to contact me and let me know they are here. Just know this when you are in tune with them, they also help you on your journey of life.

Openness is key for receiving communication beyond the physical.

Top 9 Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

1. Visitation Dreams

Dreams are a very common method of after-death communication.

Visitation dreams from your loved ones are much different than normal dreams. For starters, they are incredibly vivid and real! When you wake up from a true visitation dream you will know you were contacted by your loved one in spirit.

The main focus of visitation dreams is communication…

Your loved one will likely relay a message, and let you know that they are okay. They will appear healthy, and vibrant (regardless of their state when they died) and after sharing their love with you, and communicating a message, the dream will end.

2. Strange Electrical Occurrences.

Underlying energy flows throughout all of existence. Your loved ones in Heaven, who are now pure energy, are able to tap into this energetic flow to get your attention. For this reason, one of the most common signs of spirit happens when they, from beyond the physical play with electricity.

There are a number of ways they can do this, like causing the lights to flicker, turning the TV, radio, or lights on or off. They can also cause appliances, phones, devices, or kids' toys to beep for no known reason, or turn on without being touched. They may even call you on the phone from an unknown number… And then when you answer there is only static or nothing on the other end at all. Why does this happen? It’s a sign that even after death your loved one lives on.

Most of the time electrical signs are just your loved ones wanting you to know they are with you… Pay attention. What show is on when the TV mysteriously turns on? What were you thinking about when the light flickered? Were you thinking about your loved one?

Your thoughts can offer additional insight into the message from your loved one, or even offer confirmation that the flickering of your lights really is your loved one in spirit.

3. Feeling Their Presence.

There is a distinct difference between being alone, and having a loved one in spirit who is present with you. You just know, or maybe feel their presence depending on how you sense subtle energies. How might you feel their presence? There are quite a few ways…. You may sense a shift in the air, feel like someone is in the room with you, even though you're otherwise alone, or you may simply get a strong feeling of their presence which lets you know that they are with you.

You may also feel your loved one lay down next to you at night, or you get the sense they’re sitting next to you, holding your hand, gently rubbing your back, touching your cheek, or brushing your hair.

4. Smelling their Signature Scent.

Did your loved one smoke, wear a certain fragrance, make the best chocolate chip cookies, or enjoy preparing a certain type of food? The subtle sense of scent can be a common sign from Heaven. If your deceased father smoked, and you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie, and you smell smoke despite no one smoking anywhere in proximity, this is likely a sign from spirit that your father is with you.

Or maybe you smell your deceased mother's perfume, or the scent of your grandmother's famous chocolate chip cookies when there is no physical evidence as to why this scent would be near. When this happens, you’re experiencing a sign from the spirit that your loved one is with you.

5. Showing Up As an Insect or Animal.

Your loved one in spirit is now pure energy… They are able to channel their energy into an insect or animal, for a brief period of time to bring you a sign that their spirit lives on.

They may appear to you in this way as a butterfly, dove, rabbit, dragonfly, or any other number of insects or animals… When this happens, the animal or insect will usually do something that is out of character that catches your attention. They may land on your hand, come into your home, or appear closely, right in front of you as if they are communicating.

This is a common type of communication from spirit. If something like this happens to you, trust that your loved one is with you, and letting you know that they are okay and that you are not alone.

6. Moving Objects or Placing Objects on Your Path.

Even from beyond the physical, your loved one is able to move objects to get your attention.

This sign from spirit may take a couple of forms. Either they move objects of yours, like flipping over a picture, moving a piece of clothing into an odd location, or causing something to fall as a way of getting your attention. They may also move objects onto your path.

Dimes and pennies, crystals or stones, feathers, flowers and keys are common examples of the types of objects deceased loved ones may move onto your path.

You may receive objects other than these that are somehow significant to your loved one like seashells (if they loved the beach), paintbrushes (if they were an artist), or even screws and nails (if they were a builder).

When this happens, say hello, and know that your loved one is sending you a sign from spirit.

7. They Communicate A Message…

While your loved ones can’t audibly speak to you, because they are spiritual and not a physical beings now, they are able to communicate with you telepathically, and they very well may directly communicate a message to you.

Pay attention to the thoughts which just pop into your head when you’re doing something else as this is a common way in which you loved one in spirit may reach out. Especially if it sounds like something your loved one would say, or brings you a message of love, encouragement, or answers a question in a voice that does not sound like your own.

You may also find yourself having a conversation in your mind with your deceased mother, grandmother, or friend. When you as them a question, and then receive a response, it’s highly likely that this is actually a message from them…

Another slight variation of this is when a certain song seems to start playing in your mind out of nowhere. Listen to the lyrics to tune into the message from spirit. The song may even play on the radio at just the right time.

Your loved ones can use other people to deliver their messages too. You may overhear a bit of someone’s conversation, or someone in your life may be inspired (from beyond the physical) with a message of guidance or reassurance that is actually a message from your loved one in spirit. You could even be thinking of your loved one right before noticing a bumper sticker on a car, which brings you a message.

8. Synchronicity

Have you experienced an increased number of coincidences and synchronicities after your loved ones' death? They very well may be pulling some strings from the realms of spirit to help things line up for you in your life. Your loved ones in heaven can assist you in aligning with chance meetings, new opportunities, and attracting new friends, teachers, and life partners.

A slight variation of this is synchronicity in the form of signs… Are you thinking of your deceased aunt Emma while driving, and suddenly a huge sign for Emma’s Shoe Shop appears?

Or maybe your grandfather was always encouraging you to follow your dream and travel to Italy… And then after his death, you receive an offer you can’t resist a discounted Italian vacation…

When something synchronistic happens in your life and you just get the feeling your loved one in spirit was somehow involved, they likely were!

9. Visions

Seeing a full-on vision of your deceased loved one is one of the least likely ways to receive a sign from them in spirit… But if it does happen, which it occasionally does for people, it will be a sign that you cannot dispute.

I think the main reason more people don’t see their dead loved ones as apparitions, is because your loved ones' intention is to comfort you and let you know they’re ok… Not to freak you out and scare you with a ghostly appearance.

There are other ways in which you can receive a vision from a loved one though, and it is very common to see them through a vivid memory, or as a vision in your mind’s eye. This type of mental vision of your loved one will almost like you’re imagining them… but will appear seemingly out of nowhere, and usually accompany one of several of the signs from the spirit listed above.

A common way in which your loved ones may appear visually is through photographs. Keep in mind taking a picture in direct sunlight, or in a dusty atmosphere can also cause vision to appear… But in many cases of vision captured (especially those which seem to be solid), this is a powerful sign from spirit.

Love Lives On…

While living in the physical does end for individuals, love, and energy continues, so do not be surprised if your loved one in Heaven reaches out to let you know they are okay.

Signs from the spirit bring the comfort of knowing we are not alone, and that the soul lives on…

Your loved ones in Heaven know you, and so the signs that they are with you will often be specific to your life experience. They may also reach out and attempt to connect with you in ways and at times that are different than you may expect.

If you feel like you’ve gotten a sign from your loved one, trust your gut feeling and take it as a validation that their soul and love live on. If you want more information on how to communicate with your love one contact me: at or call me: at (757) 367-5355‬ or toll-free 866 -679-1515

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