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Smudging Prayer to Cleanse Your Energy


How to Cleanse Your Energy with Intention, White Sage Smudging, and Palo Santo

Smudging Prayer This smudging prayer, combined with White Sage and or Palo Santo is wonderful for cleansing the energy of your space… And yourself!

It’s important to not only cleanse your space but also cleanse yourself of the energies of others, as well as negativity from your past that no longer serves.  Throughout life, we can all unconsciously collect negative thought patterns, density, attachments, implants, and more.

Sage and Palo Santo combined with this simple smudging prayer can help you cleanse.

Start with Intention

Despite the incredible power of these two sacred smudges, your intention is hugely important, and this is where the prayer comes in.

To begin, you are going to need white sage or Palo Santo. You’ll also need something to light them with. You’ll want a fireproof bowl, abalone shell, or something that you can catch ash in.

  • Start first with the Palo Santo. Light the match and as you do, start calling in light.

  • “I ask that Divine light surround me.

  • I call in the presence of my team of guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters.

  • Enter into this time and space.

  • I call forth the consciousness of the Palo Santo and sage, in conjunction with my team, to fully cleanse my energy of any and all negativity, to cleanse and release any density, and anything that no longer serves.



Release negativity into the light of the Divine.”


  • Release any attachments, negativity, or density into the light so that I can shine with my highest possible vibration and embody my highest authenticity.

  • Anything that is not in alignment with this highest truth and light, let it be cleansed and released into the light of the divine.”

  • Thank you for cleansing my energy and elevating my vibration so that I can vibrantly shine, radiantly live, and thrive in alignment with my soul's mission and purpose according to the Divine will.

  • I thank the sage and Palo Santo for their service and for the service of my entire team of guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters.


Thank you for your love and guidance


  • Thank you for helping me to stay clear, connected, and vibrantly shining.”

As you do this, cleansing and releasing anything that is not love, feel your energy shining brighter. Be sure to get it in front of you, behind you, and below your feet. Just cleanse from head to toe, releasing all that no longer serves and calling in your authentic light and truth.


Finish with Gratitude


The sage and Palo Santo will, at some point, stop smoking. The Native American tradition holds that this is when the cleansing is complete. If there is smoke billowing, keep going. When the smoke stops rolling, know that your cleanse is complete and finish with gratitude.

  • Thank your team and know that you’re now shining clearer and brighter and ready to begin to tune in through meditation, prayer,


With your clear vibrant energy, focus all that awareness within. There's something incredibly powerful about using these physical tools to cleanse. If you haven't already, order some sage and Palo Santo and give this a try.

I hope that this is helpful for you in shining brightly, raising your vibration, and vibrating authentically because your unique light is needed in the world, and your unique mission is needed in the world.

You'll discover that by being clear, shining brightly, raising your vibration, and then focusing inward, meditating, and tuning into the internal guidance that leads you further.

With Love & Blessings

Rev. Tyra Love

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