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Services & Rates

 Our programs were developed to help you overcome the most common obstacles facing women & men today.  As a result of joining and committing to your dreams, you will awaken and unleash the sleeping potential within you.  You will reconnect with your spiritual Angel & Guide to create your passion and your natural energy.  

* You will jump out of bed in the morning, looking forward to your day

* reconnecting with your true self, having the well to accomplish extraordinary things in your life and your work.

This program helps you on a Spiritual Journey to awaken spiritual gifts removes blockages.

This program also helps you rebuild from Relationship loss, heal from the devastation of pain and grief, transform unworthiness, fear,

self-doubt, help you release stress, overcome issues around depression. Help bind up the addiction, work with you on Loving yourself First.  

Self Love Session

Deepen your relationship with yourself, amplify your self-worth and self-trust, and cultivate a life that Loves you and enjoy life, because LIFE LOVES YOU.  Learn how to forgive yourself, first. and know you are the most important person here.

The self-love session is created to provide you with an extra layer of support, a deeper level of healing, and this coaching session aims to meet you exactly where you are and provide you with radiant love and inspiration to keep you company on your path.  It's essential to have a solid foundation of knowing and understanding who you are, and what matters most to you. The hard part for most people is getting to know that person when you don't even know who you are yet. Yet, like a puzzle, it is something that takes time, patience and a lot of willingness to unravel the layers through trial and error. Fix me First Coaching session will walk you through some of the foundational steps that will help you to become best friends with the person who is truly you, so that you can appreciate how great and unique you are.

Ask yourself: Who am I? This simple-sounding question is actually very hard to answer. It is a question that goes directly to the root of your values, beliefs, doubts, sense of reality and even the external perceptions imposed upon you by others, whether or not true. When asking yourself this question, Fix me First is here to direct you, into the real YOU! The most important person in your life is YOU! So get to know who you are.


Relationship Coaching:

Help Couples or Groups Find Common Ground 

 Our coaching platform provides the most comprehensive training in the industry. As a result, we've helped over 100's of couples go on with a happy relationship and wonderful life together.   These are just a few issues that we coach with success to save their marriage and couple lives. 


*How to rebuild broken trust            *How to ruin their affair       *How to deal with "I don't love you"   *How to get over the past

*How to forgive and be forgiven     *How to avoid a separation *How to reconnect with your spouse *How to stop a divorce *How to get your spouse to change    *Plus 5 Marriage Assessments  * and so much more.

Self Love Coaching: (my favorite & specialty)

The Self Love Method is a 21 day to 13 Week Coaching program it is designed to work on Self Love,  and for deep emotional inner work. This is an awesome program that will teach clients, how to break through their own personal money blocks and fears. Learn how to realign with your innermost higher self and let go of your limiting beliefs rooted in fear and failure so you can start manifesting more abundance.

The Coaching  Strategies You Will Learn:

How to break through fear, blocks, and insecurities by destroying limiting beliefs and emotional setbacks.

How to redefine and restructure your life values to create abundance and fulfillment in your life.

The 10 steps to creating goals and achieving them without fault, failure, or fight. — The "DO YOU" system.

The Self-Love Method will unleash a new you and give you skills to help others to love themselves.

It’s time to transform your business, radiate with self-love, break through obstacles, and unlock your wild freedom!

Here’s the great news… You can have the home business, life, and deep soul connection that you always wanted.

You can let go of a life of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.

You can create a mindset into success so you can live in joy and happiness!

You can also help others to do the same. But, from what we know, you can’t do it alone.

Transformation does not just happen by reading a personal development book, running on the treadmill, or posting on social media. It happens when you reveal and release the thoughts and habits that are currently keeping you stuck or short of your goals.

This is where we as leaders, sisters, and coaches will help you shed the blocks and get you into inspired action. We provide you the tools and support you need to break through and say YES to yourself, to love, and to your dreams!

When you Enroll in the 13 Week Self Love Method

-The 4-month coaching program!

-12 Live Coaching Calls  with Rev. Tyra Love & other special professional Coaches

-24/7 access to your coaches in the Self Love Circle Facebook Community

Click onto the email: to input your interest in either one of the coaching programs if you are ready to get started now, click on below to choose which coaching program you are interested in with payment if you need a payment arrangement then email me and I will send you the payment link to do that as well.  you can also find me on FB or call me at 757 209-1023.

Thank you for showing up here.  Peace & Love! 

Angel Oracle Card & Getting to know your Angel Reading


One 30 minute Session

 $70.00  Ten 30 Minute

sessions  - $675.00

Fix me First-

Self Love - Session


One 60 minute Session  $100.00

Ten 1-hour sessions  - $950.00

Payment plan available

What is Spiritual Cleansing?


Spiritual cleansing is not only about cleansing dense energies, negativity, and blockages from your mind, body, and spirit…

It is the process of breaking through old and outdated energies and patterns, releasing them into the light, so you can elevate your personal vibration to ride the wave of love, positive change, and new energy into the future.  If you’re like most people, you will feel a profound sense of love the very first time you listen to these guided meditations. You will actually feel and experience your spiritual life being restored, and your energy is elevated in vibration.

As soon as you turn on these powerful meditations with the angels, you will see just how quickly they work to cleanse, and elevate the vibration of your body, mind, spirit. They will even work to cleanse your home, office, and other spaces as well.

Relationship Coaching Sessions

Relationship coaches work with both singles and couples. Like most coaches, they take healthy people and improve their performance. They help clients identify and reach their goals. They work with couples on communication skills and conflict resolution strategies.J

6-12 Week Sessions 

6 Week    $650.00 Per couple

12 Weeks   $1,350.00 Per couple

Payment plan available 

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