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Abundance Prayer – Do This Daily So You Can Attract The Abundance You Deserve

Do you want to attract abundance in your life?

If you’re ready to become more abundant in every single aspect of your life, I have a powerful abundance of prayer to share with you today.

You can use this short abundance prayer to tap into the higher divine guidance and support that is available to you in every moment to guide and support you in the opening to the divine flow of abundance in your life.

Abundance is a flow of energy, much like water or even inspiration… And when you're in the flow of abundance, you naturally align with the opportunities and possibilities for abundance to come into your life.

But what about when you're blocked off from the flow?

What if there are large boulders or even a dam that's blocking the infinite flow of abundance from reaching your life?


How can you get back into sync with the flow?

I asked for guidance about this…

And received this powerful abundance prayer to share with you…

To assist you in getting yourself into alignment with the flow of abundance so that blessings of abundance and prosperity can flow forth, spring forth, and can align in your life.

What is a Prayer of Abundance and How Does It Work?

An abundance prayer is essentially a request for assistance, from the Divine, Source, Christos and higher guidance to assist you in the opening to the flow of abundance. This prayer is particularly powerful by specifically asking for support in clearing out old patterns, energies, and blocks to abundance so you can align with the blessings, support, and guidance that is available to support and assist you in any area of your life, including manifesting abundance.

Why Do You Have to Pray For Assistance With This?

People sometimes wonder why angels, guides, and sources do not just automatically assist them in their lives. The biggest thing to remember here is that highly evolved Spiritual beings do not interfere in intervene without your permission.


You are a human being, a spirit of love and freedom, and higher spiritual beings honor that freedom you have to choose. You are choosing what you want to create and experience every day with your thoughts, actions, intentions, feelings, and choices.

When You Ask

But by asking for help. Your angels and guides can support the guide and assist you. So prayer is an opportunity to give permission for this help, by lovingly and with clear intent, asking for support, for help, for clearing, for energetic frequency and for guidance surrounding the specific areas you would like help and Divine intervention.

The Abundance Prayer

This prayer is simple, but becomes more powerful when you back it with clarity, presence, and focused awareness.

Here’s how to begin:

Shift your awareness within, breathe and let go.

Take a moment to clear your mind, clear your thoughts and find the space between your thoughts. Tune into the stillness, and calm within, and then mentally, clearly in your mind or aloud, say:


 Divine Source of All That Is. The One.
The Light of Love 
Guardian Angels, Holy Spirit.
Thank you for so many blessings in my life. Thank you for this opportunity to be alive here and now.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel.
Beloved Ascended Masters of the Highest Christed light.

Beloved guides and angels of my personal guidance team.
Thank you for connecting with me now. Thank you for supporting and assisting me in tapping into the flow of divine abundance in my life.

Help me to let go of fear, doubt, insecurity, and any blockages that are keeping me out of alignment, out of sync with my highest divine path and truth with my highest divine trajectory and the highest divine timeline for my abundance, radiant joy, and most vibrant truth.

I ask that you connect with me at this moment, now.

Help me to open my mind and heart and willingness to see and know and move in the direction of my highest path and highest truth.  Help me to let go of all the perspectives and beliefs and insecurities blocking me from aligning with what is in my core, with the truth of my highest divine light, that when I shine my truth embody, when I'm of service in the world in alignment with the highest interest of all, in alignment with my highest divine light and truth, I am naturally in the flow of abundance…

Attracting to me the right people, the right relationships and situations and opportunities and blessings to be of service, to give value in the world and to open up to receive abundance.

Help me to bring my giving and receiving in balance. Help me to align with the highest possibilities and the divine blessings available to me in my life.

Help me to release and clear out whatever is blocking me off from the infinite flow of abundance and help me to see and perceive and feel the abundance already present in my life.

Help me to see and feel the blessings I already have.

Help me to cultivate gratitude and divine life force energy inside, so that I shine with more light and truth and naturally resonate and attract the blessings, the abundant opportunities, the highest possibilities available to me in my life now.

I ask that you assist me in clearing out and releasing any past life vows of poverty, any ancestral patterns of lack and fear.

Help me to turn the page on the old to fully embrace the opportunity and infinite possibility available now to shine, to thrive, to abundantly live, to joyfully and radiantly shine my highest light.

Thank you for your clear guidance. Thank you for stepping forward to guide, assist, and support me directly now in aligning with my highest divine timeline and with the abundant possibilities, opportunities, and blessings of abundance in my life.

I ask you today to bring me some confirmation that my prayer for abundance has been received and heard.

Bring me a sign of your presence and guidance and help me to stay centered and clear so that I may know the miracle of you, of Source, of Christ of Spirit in my life.

I thank you, I love you. And so it is.

Miracles are Waiting to Unfold…

This abundance prayer is a tool to uplift you, your life, your energy and your state of mind.

Listen to it, put it into writing, make it your own, or return to it in some way on a daily basis…

To change your point of attraction, remove the blockages to the flow of abundance in your life, and to tune into the Divine support and guidance that really is available to you…


Ready and willing to assist you in getting into alignment with the flow of abundance in your life.

And then, be sure you stay open. Remember to stay present, stay clear and centered and look for the guidance of spirit.

Looking for the doors of opportunity opening to you.

Stay open, stay positive, lean in with gratitude to what you already have, and look for the new possibilities, new opportunities coming online, coming in line with you in the present moment to bring you into alignment with your highest timeline, opening to the flow of abundance in your life.

With love and bright blessings,

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