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“Put your angels & spirit guides on it”

You were never meant to travel your life journey alone, you have all the help you need. You have your spirit guides. You are a divine creature who was put in this world to thrive joyously. You are invited, always, to tap into the power, comfort, security, and inspiration of your cooperative Guides … who are here waiting for you. All you have to do is ask.

When we connect with our Divine Support System, our lives naturally flow. We manifest more easily, dream more expansively, and laugh louder and more often. We locate our inner strength and true gifts and connect with others more meaningfully.  Your angelic and spiritual guides are here for you. They want nothing more than to make your life easier and more delightful. 


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Know That You Are Worthy of Fulfilling and Healthy Relationships

One of the first keys to successfully leveraging the support of your many Spirit Guide types to heal, bless and uplift your love life, is to recognize that you are worthy of having fulfilling, peaceful, and healthy relationships in your life.

Having loving relationships is a basic and essential human need.

Humans need love, and so the Divine provides us with the loving relationships required to fulfill this need.

But if you're not experiencing loving relationships in your life, or if there is an area of your love life in which you feel blocked or challenged, its not that the Divine isn't providing loving relationships for you…

Its simply that you're in some way blocked off from the flow of Divine Love in your life!

In our modern day and age, becoming blocked off from the flow of Divine Love in one or more areas of your life is all too common.

Limiting beliefs, past wounds and traumas, distorted thought patterns, negative habits, fear based distorted energies, and more, can all block you off from the flow of Divine Love.

By clearing out the blockages and distorted energies in you that are triggering challenges in your relationships, or perhaps even preventing loving relationships from manifesting…

You can re-sync with the flow of Divine Love in your life…

And allow the blessings the Divine has in store for you in the area of loving relationships to unfold and appear.

So How Can Your Spirit Guides Help With This?

Spirit Guides can help you to identify and remove the blockages and distortions in your energy field manifesting as challenges, or blockages when it comes to relationships.


Clearing blockages empowers you to effortlessly and naturally align with the loving relationships possible for you in your life.

Asking Your Spirit Guides for Help With Love

Spirit Guides are always available to support you, but they will not often intervene in your reality without your directly requesting their help.

This is because your spirit guides honor your free will and are able to see and understand that there is so much to be learned in all of life's lessons and challenges. They don't see duality and challenges in the physical in the same way we do, and they can see a much bigger picture around the soul growth we gain through challenge.

This is incredibly helpful, because when asked for help, through our clear and deliberate intent… They can offer incredible assistance!

The key to tapping into the support of Spirit Guides to heal, uplift, or even attract loving relationships is to ask!

Ask For Help:

Take a deep breath, and allow your awareness to center and focus within.
Breathe, relax and then with clear intent speak aloud or clearly in your mind:
Beloved Divine… Source of All That Is… The One…
Beloved Solar Logos. Christ…
Beloved Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Holy Spirit…
I love you. Thank you for your guidance, support, and thank you for so many blessings in my life.
Please forgive me for all that I've said, done or left undone, that is blocking me from my highest Truth, and from the flow of Divine Love and harmony available for my life.
I ask that you now guide, and directly assist me in clearing and resolving all discordant thoughts, patterns and beliefs in me that are manifesting as challenges, blockages, or stagnation in my love life.
Thank you for helping me to realign with Divine Love within myself so I can sync with the flow of Divine Love around.
(((( Here you can ask for help resolving any specific blockages in you manifesting as specific challenges or obstacles you're facing. )))
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
I love you.
And so it is.
Clearing the blockages in you that are presenting as challenges in your relationships is a perspective shift. In moments where you notice you're feeling challenged… Ask for help!
One moment and one step at a time support is available to help you reconnect with the flow of Divine Love in your life.
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