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spiriual self love workshop

service 1

Service 1

Activate Your spiritual  Center & Unlock the Power of Love to Manifest The Highest Possibilities For Your Life, Now!  The most important relationship that you will ever have in your life is the relationship with spiritual self love.    In the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, self-love plays a fundamental role. It involves cultivating a deep and unconditional love for oneself, appreciating and accepting all aspects of who we are. When we connect self-love with spirituality, it takes on a profound and transformative dimension.


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what's included

  • ssl #1: Overcome self-doubt and self-destructive thoughts. 
  • SSL #2: Have a healthier relationship with God & you.

  • SSL#3: Advance your career and have greater financial abundance. 

  • SSL #4: Free yourself from past pain and suffering. 

  • SSL #5 The spiritual Laws of the Universe


from $69.00


spiritual life coaching

service 2

Service 2
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regular spiritual one on one coaching
1 hours.  $69.00

Dive deep into the essence of your being with Spiritual Coaching. This transformative journey invites you to explore beyond the surface of personal development, guiding you toward a soul-centered existence. Rooted in the profound belief that we are the conscious creators of our reality, Spiritual Coaching empowers you to transcend ego-driven goals, embrace your inner wisdom, and navigate life’s complexities with enlightened grace. It’s not just about achieving well-being; it’s about aligning with your authentic desires and fulfilling your highest purpose.

what's included

  • Learn how to Meditate

  • Work With Your Angels & Guides

  • Opening Your Chakras and Allowing Your Energy to Flow

  • Uplift Your Vibration With Love and Light

  • Practice

  • Keep a Journal for journal work


from $69.00


angel card reading

service 3

Service 3

Angel Readings are a type of intuitive reading where you or a reader tunes into information, love, guidance, and frequency from the angelic realm.

what's included

  • True angel reading will connect you with the angels. You will feel uplifted, loved, and safe and the guidance from the angels will come through in a positive, heartfelt way.

  • Even if angels have “bad news” or a “warning” to share with you it will never be fear-based, and it's always delivered with light and immense love.

  • .You can learn to connect with your angels directly, but I understand that sometimes it helps to connect with someone else through a private, one-on-one reading.

  • Discernment is quite simply good judgment. It’s important to use discernment when selecting an angel reader you resonate with and who you feel is clear, of the light and deeply connected with the angels.


from $69.00

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