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Who is Archangel Chamuel?

Archangel Chamuel is a powerful Archangel of protection, comfort, love, peace, and compassion. While I have known of Archangel Chamuel for a long time, I had never consciously worked with or had much personal experience with Chamuel until recently.

Archangel Chamuel is happy to offer guidance, comfort, love, and assistance for all who are traveling through life!

Chamuel says: “I am here to help. Allow me to ease your tension, alleviate burdens and rinse away fear and pain energy from your being. Divine love and peace are all around you, ask and I am happy to assist you in integrating these into your journey right here and now.”

To invite in the powerful comfort and assistance of Archangel Chamuel, all we have to do is ask… Or if you’re like me, simply notice that Chamuel is trying to help you, and allow the assistance in!

I first felt the presence of Archangel Chamuel as light and comforting tingling in my arms and upper body… But with permission Chamuel can do much more to comfort and uplift you energetically.

Chamuel may wrap you in a warm, and comforting peach orb of light to dissolve away lower vibrational energies and to realign your vibration with the authentic truth of your higher self and authentic spiritual being.

Chamuel also offers powerful psychic and spiritual protection and has many effective tools for healing emotions, alleviating pain and sadness, and bringing positive change into any area of your journey through life.

If I had only one word to describe Chamuel it would be peace. In all of the many ways in which Chamuel can help you, and help out on a global scale restoring peace and Divine love seems to be right at the core.

One area of life Chamuel would love to support you in is more fully aligning with your soul purpose. Have you wanted to change your career, uncover your purpose, or just live with more joy and truth?

Call upon Archangel Chamuel to support you with this!

Chamuel is also known to offer relationship support. From attracting friends, meeting your soul mate, or healing and raising the vibration of your current relationships, Chamuel is ready and willing to help you, and all you have to do is ask.

Are you experiencing a career, family, or relationship challenges? Ask Chamuel to release any energy of pain and sorrow from your energetic signature and to realign you with Divine love, peace, and joy.

This type of energetic shift is easy for Chamuel to help facilitate and will create a ripple of positive energy whose effects will overflow throughout your entire experience.

There’s no special invocation or ceremony you need to work with Chamuel, just think “Archangel Chamuel, please assist me.”

When Chamuel does enter into your space, you may feel his presence as being peaceful, calm, comforting, and really quite lovely as with your permission Chamuel works to smooth your path and gently and lovingly uplift you.

Have you met Archangel Chamuel? Share your experience below!

Angel statue

Archangels of Abundance and Prosperity

Archangel Chamuel~ The Archangel Chamuel is a money angel in the sense that he assists in boosting confidence, building career success, and finding lost objects (including money). He can help to clear the confusion which may be blocking the flow of prosperity from reaching your life. If you've wondered which angel helps with career… It's Chamuel!

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