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Who is Archangel Gabriel?

Archangel Gabriel is one of the most well-known and popular archangels today, largely due to being mentioned in the Bible in both the New, and Old Testaments. The most common Bible story featuring Gabriel is the Christmas story!

Gabriel is the angel who guides the three wise men to the birth location of Christ and is also the angel who appears to Mary telling her that she will give birth to a Son. For this reason, Gabriel is sometimes known or referred to as “the Christmas Angel”, but although the history of Gabriel dates all the way back to Biblical times… It does not mean they are any less active, or able to support and guide us today!

One of the common methods used to gain insight into the unique energy of the different Archangels is to look at the meaning of their name. In Hebrew, the name Gabriel means, “God is my strength”, “The Strong One” or “Hero of God” and this alludes to the incredible strength and power Gabriel embodies and her work in helping humanity to come into our own Divine strength and embodied power.

Yes, I referred to Gabriel as her. There is some controversy about whether Gabriel is male or female, which is for a good reason! Gender definitely exists but operates differently in the higher dimensions. Gender is more a quality of energy than defining sex as it does in the physical. Really, when it comes to Archangels they can choose to appear with masculine or feminine energy, or neither, instead showing up as pure light and energy.



Archangel Gabriel notably has a feminine essence of energy, as she is connected to the forces of the Moon and the Birth forces.  Whether you experience Gabriel’s presence as male or female, know that gender is used by the archangels to convey energy. This is why Archangel Michael who is the angel of protection usually appears to be more masculine, and Archangel Gabriel the angel of communication feminine.

Archangel Gabriel's divinely feminine presence is very connected to the cycles of the moon, the flow of communication, and the flowing element of water. Gabriel works around the clock (really, outside of time and space) to guide assist and support you in connecting with your inner Truth, and embodying the highest level of Divine awareness and Love available to you in your life.

Archangel Gabriel in the Bible

Gabriel is also intricately connected to the dream world. In the Bible, it was in a dream where Archangel Gabriel told Joseph about the coming birth of Jesus.

Today, Gabriel loves to send those who are open to the messages of love and guidance during dream time. When you’re asleep, you are more receptive to the higher guidance of the Spirit. If you don’t already, start paying attention to your dreams. If you struggle to recall your dreams, keep a journal close by and write your dreams down first thing when you wake in the morning.

There are incredible insight and learning that stems from deciphering your dreams and paying attention to them and what they mean for your life. Just by committing to writing your dreams down, and then beginning to try to remember each morning you will start to remember more!

Then, take note and become aware of when a dream is outside the norm of what your dreams are typically like. When an angel contacts you in a dream, there will be the energetic signature of golden light and incredibly loving energy that lingers afterward.


Three Signs Gabriel Is With You

Have you asked Gabriel for guidance or assistance? When you ask Archangel Gabriel for support, healing, inspiration, and guidance, they will respond!

The guidance of Gabriel may not appear in the way you expect, and it may not be in the form of receiving a clear verbal message (especially at first as you need to open your subtle psychic senses for this) …

But know that when you ask for help and guidance, Gabriel will answer… But it's then up to you to stay present, centered, and open to allow the subtle guidance, creative inspiration, and wisdom of Gabriel to appear.

As you practice present moment awareness, staying centered and grounded at the moment and continually returning your awareness to observation, gratitude, and love…

In addition to being in a receptive state to access direct inspiration and angel messages, you will also be in the right state of mind to notice the signs of Archangel Gabriel's presence that do appear!

There are many things that can signify Gabriel's presence, but based on my experience, here are the Top 3 most common signs of Archangel Gabriel:


1. Archangel Gabriel's White Coppery Angelic Energy

One of the biggest signs Archangel Gabriel is with you is that you begin to sense or notice one of their signature traits, which is that they appear with a beautiful white and golden, coppery angelic light.

You may see this brilliant light with your inner sight by simply drawing your attention inwards.

For example, when you are in a quiet meditative state and ask Gabriel to come forward, something magical happens. You may receive a general sense of their heartfelt warmth and presence or you might actually experience Gabriel stepping forward with or as a glowing coppery light.

The other way this sign could unfold is through seeing coppery white orbs in your peripheral vision. When this happens, don't be surprised if when you try to focus on the light it goes away! Allowing yourself to find a place of relaxation is required for your experience of Gabriel to deepen.

The keyword here is allowing. Allow and sense into Archangel Gabriel’s white, golden coppery energy which opens up communication with the angelic realm


2. Feeling Gabriels Glowing Energy

The second sign of Archangel Gabriel's presence is that you start to feel the warmth and love that is their energetic signature.

From my experience, Gabriel's energy is like a warm dip in the ocean, purifying and cleansing the soul. Their energy is like waking up to the sunrise overlooking a clear Mountain lake. Like nature, Gabriel’s energy is a beautiful reflection of the highest Divine Light. It is gentle, warm, and absolutely blissful to bask in.

When you sense this warm beautiful energy, you are likely sensing Gabriel! And then when you allow yourself to bask in Gabriel’s divine light, you balance your energy and are further open to receiving angelic communication.

The next time you meditate, try inviting Gabriel in, and then when you simply relax and allow, you may notice the blissful energies of warmth and clarity that are a sign of Archangel Gabriel’s presence.

3. Angelic Imagery and Symbolism

The third sign you may experience when Gabriel is with you is that you begin seeing angelic symbolism around you more often.  Perhaps this comes in the form of seeing a painting of an angel somewhere you’ve often been and yet never noticed that painting before. Alternatively, you may see a statue of an angel somewhere, or hear angels being sung about in a song. You might see more pictures of angels on your Facebook or Pinterest feed, you might notice an angel hanging above a Nativity scene (in July!) or you might drive by a restaurant named something like “Angel Cafe” or “Gabriel’s Bakery”.

These cute and seemingly coincidental sightings of angelic imagery and symbolism have angelic energy all over them! Seeing angels in artwork, media, or signs like this often increase in frequency when Archangel Gabriel is around and working with you. If this is happening for you it's not only a clear sign of Gabriel's presence but a sign that they’re working to get messages through to you! Be sure you take some time to clear your mind and open your heart to receive more of Gabriel's Divine messages of healing frequency and love.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel for Love, Strength, Inspiration, and Clear Vision

There is really so much that Gabriel can assist with. When called upon, Gabriel will help you to tap into your inner strength and power and to bring you inspiring messages to assist you in your life, and in finding your highest calling.

If your spiritual vision has been blocked, or you feel disconnected from Divine Guidance, Gabriel can help you to open to and restore this Divine flow so you can clearly receive Divine inspiration and clearly see Divine love.

Just know that some action on your part will likely be required. Gabriel will show you what you need to do to reopen the flow of Divine.  Love, Abundance, or even healing, but it's then up to you to not only listen and trust… But to then act!


Archangel Gabriel for Healing

While Archangel Raphael is the most well-known Archangel of Healing, each of the Archangels carries a healing frequency that can further support and guide you on your healing journey.

The way Gabriel typically supports the healing process is to inspire you with clear knowledge as to the steps you can take to improve your situation. Gabriel is the Divine Messenger Archangel, and so their healing energy often involves connecting you with the messages of Healing Love.

Perhaps you simply need to be reminded that you are so loved and supported, or that you are enough! Gabriel's messages of love can help remind you of your innate worth and sometimes this is “just what the doctor ordered” in terms of shifting your mental and emotional energy to bring yourself into alignment with healing light.

Additionally, a physical healing crisis is often caused by energetic and emotional blockages. In many cases, allowing yourself to creatively express your energy, reignites the Divine energy flow of life force through your being.

So if you’ve been asking for healing energy, and you’re getting the guidance to get back out your paints, or work on writing a book, don’t doubt that this flow of creativity is a part of your healing journey and path.

If you are in a healing crisis know that healing energy is available to you from the angelic realms, but more often than not rather than direct intervention or miraculous healing, the angels will inspire you to take action steps yourself to heal your body, and realign with wellness and the most vibrant possibilities for your life.

Free Angel Message from Archangel Gabriel

One of Archangel Gabriel's key messages and reminders for you is that you are a unique individualized expression of the Divine. Beneath the limiting beliefs, insecurities, fears, and ramblings of the lower ego mind are the Divine I AM Truth of You. By becoming clear and present in the moment you can not only begin to attune to receive Gabriel's messages directly, but you can embody more and more the truth of you.

Remember the Divine Light you carry within and let it shine through all you do. Thoughts, actions, words, and feelings… Shining and embodying more of the light and truth of the Divine I Am.. The Divine light being you really are.

Remember the divine light in you!

Gabriels wants you to remember that you are here on Earth now because of your unique light, individual expression, passions, and purpose is needed. Your inner light and love are needed.

There is nothing outside of you that can tell you the exact form or shape this will take for you… But in this free channeled angel message from Gabriel, you will be cleansed and lifted in vibration, and lovingly guided to tune into the true essence of all that you were meant to be.

Now is an exciting time on Earth, and you have an essential role to play. Gratitude opens your heart and will carry you through any rut or challenge. You have a role to play in the current cosmic unfolding, and it is through your heart, not your mind that you will ultimately know this purpose.

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