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Learn To Recognize Archangel Michael – Angel Of Protection

Connect with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael whose name in Hebrew literally means: “Who is as God” is an incredible being of Cosmic Intelligence. When we're in his presence we naturally question the truth of our nature and what is required to further progress and “be as God” more in our individual lives.

Archangel Michael is one of the most popular and well-known beings of the Angelic Hierarchy today because he is the Zeitgeist or spirit of our present age. He is also one of seven archangels referenced in the Hebrew tradition, and he is the only angel mentioned by name in the Bible, three times in Daniel, a book of the Old Testament Bible and in the New Testament in the Book of Revelation.

In addition to being in the Bible, he is also referenced by name in the Torah, and in the book of the Qur'an as being a protector against evil, and a warrior of God!

But although references of St Michael can be found in religion, you don't have to be religious to have a connection with Michael, whose presence “is like God” meaning he shines with incredible Divine energy and can help you to shine more of your truth and Divine Light.

Actually, he is one of the easiest Archangels to hear and connect with, as his purpose revolves around helping humanity directly in the present age. He also connects through and draws power from the Sun and oversees activating higher cognition and awareness for the entire collective of humanity.

As a result, he is deeply committed to helping humanity grow, unlock clairvoyant perception, access Christ Light, and increase in vibration, and as such is a wonderful ally as we each as individuals journey cultivate and call forth heaven on earth in the here and now.

How to Call Upon Archangel Michael

Michael oversees guardian angels and for this reason, is sometimes called the Prince of the Heavenly Host. He will directly, or through directing members of the Heavenly Host to assist you, help you to release lower energies of fear or worry so that you can open to experience the incredible love and light of the Higher Realms.

If you are wanting to connect with Michael the Archangel, remember that he is a highly evolved spiritual being and Master of Christ Light. In other words, approach him with the respect, reverence and humility you would a highly evolved spiritual master living as a physical being.

With this in mind, he is very approachable and can help support you in many areas of your experience so you can be of service at a higher level, and live a more fulfilling, rewarding, joyful and enlightened existence, day by day making progress to bring more truth and light to the surface of your experience.

One thing to keep in mind is that the power of Michael is in alignment with the Middle Path and the Highest Christed Light. He is ready and willing to assist those who are ready and willing to grow and evolve… But he is NOT a magical genie who is on hand to perform parlor tricks or to validate your previous beliefs and faith. He desires to help you grow and become more aligned with the highest Truth of who you really are so you can carry our Divine mission and purpose for being in the physical in the first place.

The wisdom he shows you for how you need to grow and change, or in regards to how far off you are from your highest path may not be the easiest to take. But he can help you with this too.

Michael's light is also incredibly powerful, and can easily cut through distortion, negativity, fear, and doubt… So if you do find yourself in fear, worry or insecurity Michael with his sword of light can be a profound ally for helping cut away the fearful attachments which bind you.

When you do call on “Mee-Ka-El” which is seen as the correct pronunciation in many lineages and traditions… Do so with respect, but also knowing that he is not limited by time and space in the same way that we as physical beings are.

In other words, have faith that he can and will help and guide multiple people at the same time while also carrying out his tasks and duties in the holy battle against satan and the forces of evil across dimensions.

I mention this because while he is so powerful and so profound, there is no task too big or small for angels, so never think that you are wasting his time by calling upon him close as long as your intention and request comes from the right place … Faith in the process of growth through your experience, and a sincere desire to search for truth and grow and develop.

When To Call Upon Archangel Michael

There aren't rules about when you can and cannot call on Michael (even in the Bible, when and how to ask for help is not outlined).

That being said he is a great ally to call upon if you are seeking to grow, evolve, raise your vibration and come into alignment with more of the Truth of who you can really be and become as a Divine being incarnate in the physical.

Through this lens, he has powerful support to give in releasing negativity, cleansing out distorted energy, or simply boosting your courage and willpower needed to take action and create positive changes in alignment with your highest path and light.

My Experience With Archangel Michael

Michael is the first angel I ever channeled… He came to me at a point in my journey when I felt very alone, lost and discouraged. I wanted to change myself and my personal experience for the better but did not know where to begin.

I prayed for help, and Archangel Michael answered with incredible love, encouragement, and clarity. Even now that I have learned to work and connect with many different angels, Michael still feels like one of the closest Angels to me, always coming in clearly with profound transmissions of knowledge, wisdom, truth and incredible frequency.

When I connect with Michael, his energy feels warm and loving to me. He has a fiery spirit and will greet you with unconditional love regardless of your current circumstances.

His energy is that of light and blue fire. I see his presence carrying the color of a firey blue light like you would see in a flame… His energy also carries the color red because it is so firey… And so of course, the blue and red combined can sometimes be seen as purple as well.

One of the interesting things about connecting with Michael is that his presence carries the peace and silence of the realms of Heaven. His guidance is vast and incomprehensible in its full extent by our limited human perception, and yet when you receive the vast guidance and “spiritual downloads” from him you can trust that he will be close by to help you to continue to unpack and integrate the multi-layered guidance and wisdom as you're ready to understand it more and more.

How to Work With Archangel Michael

Working with Michael is something that unfolds in layers. He can even help you to deepen your connection with him if you are ready and you ask him for assistance.

But as with all Archangelic beings, the way to begin working with them is to ask for them to connect with you.


The good news is, that when you do you will discover that the angelic realm is close by, and when you ask for support and assistance with sincerity, respect, and clear intent… Archangel Michael is willing and able to support you!

A simple prayer for invoking the presence of this powerful being is:

“Beloved Archangel Michael. Thank you for so many blessings. I call on you now for your guidance and assistance. Come close and help me to see how I may become more God-like, how I may evolve and grow to be of service at a higher level and shine with more Truth and Divine Presence in each and every moment.”

Thank you. And so it is. Amen.

Once you say these words aloud or in your mind, notice how you feel… and tune into your subtle senses. If you ask… your angels will always answer, but perhaps not in the way you expect.

Angels exist in a realm that is somewhat finer and lighter than our physical dimension… but you are definitely able to tune into the angelic realm and with practice and intention you can learn to clearly see, hear, sense and know in the higher realms.

Once you connect with Michael, let him know the situation you would like help with… but be open to how the help appears. Sometimes angelic help does come in the form of miraculous direct intervention. Other times the wisdom, healing, and insight are more subtle; in the form of a recurring idea, a chance meeting, or even in the form of a feeling.

Just know that a full communication from this powerful spiritual being will be beyond what you can comprehend in a moment. Be open and willing for layers and complexities of Divine knowledge to be revealed to you above your head and available in greater extents as you raise your vibration and become more centered and clear.

I've also written and recorded a much more in-depth prayer you can use to invoke Archangel Michael, which has proven to be helpful for many people.

Channeling Archangel Michael

Channeled by Rev. Coach Tyra Love

“Welcome friend. I am Archangel Michael and I offer you my protection now and always.

At this time, allow your awareness to center, focus your awareness deep in the center your heart, and allow your heart to open.

From within your open heart, you are able to connect with me fully. Allow this connection now. Yes, I am an archangel of protection. And I wish for you to know that by simply speaking my name, I am with you. This is true in your dream state, as well as your waking life.

Think or say: “Archangel Michael” and you will call me forth.

With your permission, I am happy to help energetically protect you now, and we will begin to protect your energy field with an energetic cleanse.

I use my sword of light to cut any and all cords of attachment tying you to other people, events, situations or places that may be draining your energy. We cut the cords now, pull out the roots, and call upon the gentle elements of rain and wind to wash away any residue of negativity, of doubt, and of discord.

Stagnant energy, fear, and negativity are washed away now with the gentleness of the rain, and the light breeze of wind. Breathe, and release into the light.

Now any and all energy that is rightfully yours, that has been drained by others consciously or unconsciously, returns to you in a golden spiral of light. Breathe, relax and sense this return of your light, vitality, and vibrant energy as it is now rewoven into your energetic fields.

And now we call upon the white light of purity to surround you in a cocoon. This is a level of protective energy as well as a restoration of your life force energy.

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Feel your energy and awareness expand as you are embraced in this white light. And know that you are safe. For within your shield of white light and with my protective energy, all that is not love is immediately dissolved and released into the light upon approaching you. Feel the truth of this as you vibrate at the level of love. You are loved, and you are protected now.

“Archangel Michael, protect me now“, are the only words you need know to invoke me. By speaking these words, know that I am here with you.

With my shield blocking distractions,  doubt, and fear, and with my sword, I am able to cut any cords of negativity and cut out any obstacles that may lie upon your path.

Understand the dear one that in your highest authenticity, you are a being of light.

As you remain focused inward,  allow yourself to experience this truth now.

Know that you have been cleansed and that you are protected.

Turn away from the voice and doubt of ego which tells you to be afraid, and look only at the truth that lies within your open heart.

Look inward to experience the full connection with your Divine authenticity, with the love of the Divine and with the love and protective energy I flow your way and offer to you now.

You are protected in a shield of white light surrounding your physical body, surrounding your emotional body, your mental body, and your auric body.

At this time, we call upon three thousand angels of peace and protective energy to be with you always, surrounding your mind, body, and spirit.

Know that you are safe from the core of your very being, for you are safe and protected and cleansed with unconditional love and joy and compassion.

Stay in alignment with this your high vibrational energy signature, and you will radiate love, joy, and compassion outwards and create this experience in the world around you.

Go now with this knowledge to seek your truth. Follow your inner calling that is thereby following your joy, bliss, and inspiration as you progress on your unique path of love.

Continue to ask yourself in the present moment, “How can you improve the world around you in the service of all?”

You are one with all, focus on serving all in a way that is inspiring for you, and you will draw blessings into your personal experience, for the collective, and to greatly benefit the greater realm of All That Is.

Be brave and be bold, and be willing to be an individual, step away from the need to fit in, or fit the molds of illusion that ultimately do not serve.

Be awake… Be aware.

Take action in alignment with the inspiration and guidance you receive and know that you are so loved and supported by the entire celestial realms.

I am supporting you and guiding you and I  am always a breath, and simple thought and intention away.

I am now leaving you in one sense, but in another, I am always with you, waiting for your instruction…

Be the love that you are.

Channeled Messages


 I've channeled with Archangel Michael.

These messages go beyond the words and carry a powerful frequency transmission that will help you to connect with the higher realms in a very real and very profound way.

It is my hope that we can help you to open to experience the love and peace of the celestial realms for yourself, and that they will support you in aligning with your Divine light and highest truth and authenticity.  I hope you enjoy!

Archangel Michael Meditation 

Connect with the frequency transmission of Archangels Michael, the powerful energy of Divine white light, and your personal team of guides and angels in this beautifully uplifting 13-minute meditation.

Free Three Minute Meditation

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Attuning Your Personal Atmosphere 

In this session, you will receive powerful assistance in attuning your energy, aura, and frequency “Your Personal Atmosphere” to Divine Love. Bringing your vibration into alignment with Divine love and your highest authenticity at this moment here and now.


Grounding and centering your energy are essential for staying balanced and continuing to progress on your path of awakening. Although essential, they're often overlooked! In this message, you will learn how to quickly and easily ground and center your energy with direct assistance and a powerful frequency transmission.

Guided Cleansing Meditation 

Cleanse and elevate your vibration in this guided meditation and channeled frequency transmission. Cleansing your energy is one of the best ways to reset, and realign with joy and vitality.

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Learn a powerful ascension technique that will benefit you, humanity and the entire earth… By grounding Divine light, and the crystalline light of ascension into Gaia, Mother Earth.

Awakened Crystalline Light 

Connect with the Crystalline Grid to receive the ascension frequencies and codes of awakening available to you. This process not only infuses your own being with Divine crystalline energy, but it allows you to step into powerful light work as you share the love with the human heart grid to uplift and benefit all.

Accelerated Awakening Update

Receive insight and direct light frequency to support you on your ascension path in these powerful times of accelerated awakening. As you read or listen you will not only learn logically but experience a powerful transmission of ascension light and Divine love.

Aligning with Your Soul Purpose 

Realign with your soul's highest authenticity so you can become aware of your highest purpose as a soul, and begin taking steps in alignment with your Divine Soul purpose and mission.

Lift In Peace, Joy, and Harmony

In this written message, you will learn the process for deeply relaxing so you can connect with the higher celestial realms…  Lift in the incredible energy of peace, bliss, light, and love to bring a newfound sense of harmony into all aspects of your personal and collective experience.

Spark of Divine Light 

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Freeing Yourself From The Veil of Illusion 

Learn how you can create quantum shifts and positive changes by freeing yourself from the veil of illusion and stepping into greatness, by Purchasing the Archangel Michael Meditations mp3 download here!  by sending me an email, I can send it through your email.

Cleanse, clear, and lift your vibration in this lovely video angel message and frequency transmission now:

Archangels of Abundance and Prosperity

Archangel Michael~ Archangel Michael is the Archangel of Protection. He also serves to align you with courage, strength and can clear negative energy, and heal limiting thought patterns that are only holding you back so you can move forward in manifesting your dreams and abundance.

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