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Archangel Raphael Healing Prayer 
Divine Angel of Healing

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Archangel Raphael is most well known to be the Archangel of healing. His name Raphael in Hebrew literally means “God heals”.

Saint Raphael (another name for this glorious archangel) has an incredible presence that can bring healing to your mind, body and soul on every level just by your coming in contact with him.

To help you tune in to Raphael's support and presence, I’ve asked Archangel Raphael channel through me a prayer that will serve you in connecting with his presence, guidance, and healing frequency.

Use this Archangel Raphael Prayer Any Time You Need Assistance Connecting with Divine Love

Begin by taking a deep breath, closing your eyes and shifting your awareness within. Focus on the area of your heart and then think clearly in your mind, or even between say aloud the following:

“Beloved Source of All That Is The One. Beloved Archangels and Beloved Archangel Raphael…

I call upon you now. Please enter into this present time and space. Surround me with your love and light and the healing energy that will most support me in letting go of any lower vibrations and negativity. I pray that you directly guide me to heal.

Help me let go of any lower emotions, thought patterns, or limiting beliefs that are blocking me from my true and divine well-being; from the truth of my radiant physical body, vibrant spirit, and clarity of mind.

At this time, surround me with your healing light and uplift my vibration.

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Support me in tuning into your healing light and presence on every level.

Help me to tune into your guidance and directly inspire me to heal by supporting me in making healthy choices and inspired life changes that will most serve me in aligning with my most vibrant, radiant, high vibrational life.

Thank you for your continued presence in my life journey.

Thank you for answering my prayers.

Thank you for your direct intervention and for flowing divine healing love into each and every cell of my body to inspire health physically, and at the level of my mental being, energy, and soul.

Raphael, healer of the Divine, help me to learn the lessons and hear the messages that pain is attempting to drawing my attention to.

I pray that you help me to heal and release negative habits, to heal and release pain. and to tune into the radiant, vibrant love that is my divine blueprint for radiant health; and that is my highest vibrational truth.

I pray that you guide me to align with the highest Divine possibilities for my life now.

Thank you for your emerald green healing light, and for the flowing the crystalline healing energy of the Divine all around me.

Thank you for supporting me in aligning with the highest vibrations of love so I can become free from negativity.

Guide me to tune in to healing energy on every level.

I pray that you help me to heal myself so that I may on some level become a healer for others, to be of greater service in the world, in the highest interest of all.

I ask this according to Divine Will, in the presence of the Archangels, and in the presence of Christ Light and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Remember that when you call on high levels spiritual beings like Raphael, archangels, or ascended masters… They will answer, but perhaps not in the way you expect.

Be open, and have faith that you will be guided and supported. Continue to breathe, and focus your awareness on the center of your being; on your heart chakra.

Pay Attention to the Signs

  1. Allow your heart open as you feel, sense, and relax. Feel the change in your vibration and tune into the direct presence of Raphael as he steps forward in response to your prayers.

  2. Feeling strong sensations of energy, tingling, warmth, seeing emerald green light, or just feeling that Saint Raphael is indeed with you are all indications of his presence.

  3. Pay attention and become aware if he is revealing his presence to you through a sign.

When You Call Upon Archangel Raphael, He Answers Your Prayers!

Remember that he is with you every time you ask. You don't need elaborate prayers to invoke him. You can simply focus inward and think or say,

“Archangel Raphael, I ask for your help. Surround me with your healing love and energy. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And so it is.”

Breathe And Allow

Once you invoke Raphael, let your focus be on your breath and heart, expanding on flowing love throughout your entire body, spirit, and mind.

Love is the most powerful healing force in the universe. It is what Raphael will connect you to. It’s his emerald green healing light, the energy and vibration of Archangel Raphael that will help you on your healing journey.

In addition to asking for Angelic help, be sure to act upon whatever inspiration and guidance you receive as the action that you can take to bring greater healing and vibrant well-being into your life.

With love and gratitude,

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