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Archangel Zadkiel

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Celebrating Love

Be in Love and be open to the Power of Divine Love which is present on Earth in many forms. This new free angel message with Archangel Zadkiel will connect you directly with Divine Love. Through celebrating love with awareness and gratitude, love will multiply, bringing blessings of love to you and to all.

Simply Relax and Listen to this new free angel message which will assist you in tuning into the Divine Love broadcast from the Angelic Realm and Archangel Zadkiel ! Or keep reading to experience this angel message with Archangel Zadkiel transcribed.

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Celebrating Love In It's Many Forms

Beloved one indeed, I Archangel Zadkiel, am here. You are greeted now with love and know that indeed, love is present in physical form. Know that, indeed, love connects all of creation in the form of one unified energy.

Know that love holds the power to transform your entire life. Know that love holds the power to heal, to inspire, and to uplift. Know that love is not separate from you, rather, love is everywhere and by attuning your vibration to love, by attuning yourself to the oneness of the universe, you can inspire more love to flow into your experience and your life.

Invite love in, and freely share love with all whom you meet, and I speak not only of romantic love, I speak of love in all of its many forms and complexities. For love has no limit and as you nurture the love within you, as you tune into love and let love grow within you, as you serve others and share love with the world around you freely and openly in every moment, you claim the transformative power of love, the power of love to create improvements, the power of love to manifest blessings.

The power of love is truly unlimited. Invoke the feeling of love in your life. Tune into love through expressing gratitude and appreciation of all the many blessings of your life, and experience love through expressing gratitude and appreciation of all the blessings and positive attributes of others' lives.

As you look for love in reality, and as you create loving blessings in your reality, love builds and grows. The more you love, the more you give love, the more you share your love, the more love grows. Love given away freely does not diminish love, it increases love.

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A Message About Freedom from Archangel Zadkiel

Indeed dear one I am here I am Archangel Zadkiel. I come this day to speak with you of freedom.


There is some misconception in your world as to what it truly means to be free.

You are able to have financial freedom; to have, to do, to purchase anything you desire. But does this really make you free?

You are able to have freedom of time; to do what, where, and when you want. But does this really make you free?

You are able to have spiritual and religious freedom; to pursue, to follow, to worship, and to lead the spiritual life you desire but does this make you free?

There is nothing wrong with any of these things being incorporated into your life, but true freedom is not something that can ever be given to you or found in objects, persons, or things outside of you. Freedom is not something you can find and pick up or be rewarded. It is not something you can fight for, or take from another, and yet there have been countless deaths in the name of pursuing freedom.

Dear one, true freedom is found inside of you. The state of being free comes when you are able to live and to express fully as the powerful inner being that for too long has been suppressed. The wise, inner genius, sage, wizard, master, divine being, god or goddess.

When you look within, connect, and allow yourself to express your inner divinity. When you fully resonate with the light of your soul, with your higher self, your true self and therefore your true power, then dear one you are free.

Know that you are able to experience the feelings of unconditional love and joy always, never straying, this is freedom. When by default you love you, and reach out in compassion towards others, this is freedom. This compassion and love feels good and expressing it returns to you the blessing of the universe.

By claiming your freedom, living your truth, and expressing your inner wise one, you open up to live all types of freedom. For, as you are truly connected to yourself, abundance flows naturally to you as if you are a magnet for financial success and prosperity.

When you are connected to your true self, abundance begins to magically appear in your life. Though this is really no surprise, for connection with higher self in and of itself is a state of magic.

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Release and Let Go!

Archangel Zadkiel's Message:

Greetings I am here, I am Archangel Zadkiel, I come now connecting with you on all levels, through these words and also energetically to assist you in becoming free.

By dropping into and opening your heart, you will be able to feel my presence and unconditional love, which I surround you in now. Breathe deeply, and focus inward, open your heart, and feel for yourself this love surrounding you.

You are well aware there is a great deal of change happening on both your earth and within you, the amount of light that is pouring onto your Earth has once again increased. And while this is good, and know that it is assisting you in your highest calling which is your opening up and your reconnecting with your soul, know that it is bringing up that which is not in line with your truth  to once and for all be released.

Do not meet anything or any emotion that you encounter in your reality with shock.

Reality is being shaken up, know that change is happening for everyone.

Know that if you find yourself feeling sad, feeling angry, depressed, lonely, upset that this is an emotion that is simply out of alignment with the truth of who you really are and so it is coming up for you now for it has been suppressed and pushed down beneath your radar for too long.

You see, when you refuse to deal with something when you suppress it and bury it within… It doesn't actually go away. It is simply buried, under layers and in many levels and then more hurts and emotions that you do not feel ready to deal with are piled on top. So now, you have layer after layer of these negative emotions and issues that are simply not serving you, that need to be released. Light is pouring onto Earth, serving you in this process of release.

Pain that comes up for you, it is coming up for one reason and with a distinct and clear message, release me!

In releasing it is important for you to connect with the cause of the emotion. What emotions are you feeling, first off allow yourself to feel them. Then ask yourself Why am I feeling this? Is this tied to a past memory from your current expression, possibly a past relationship, a job or some action you did or did not take that you are still blaming yourself for. Ask yourself… What am I feeling and why? Identifying these two things allows you the opportunity to release.

Fully feel the emotion that has come up for you, allow it to be present with you in the moment and then when you are ready ask your angels to lift it out of your body and into the light… Always release emotions right into the light so that they do not come back and latch on to you again, and so that they do not enter into and torment another. Release the emotion into the light where it will be dissolved into this unconditional love energy of white light and reuniting and reconnecting with source energy to once again enter into your atmosphere into your earth as pure light with the purpose of service in, yes releasing that next layer.

Many of you have been feeling overwhelmed as one thing after another is coming up for you.  

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