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Beloved one

Archangel Chamuel: “I am helping you with your spiritual Self Love. Seek first the Kingdom thin yourself, and all the Love will come to you."

Archangel Chamuel: “Love is all around you right now.” You don’t have to go look for it, it’s right inside of you.  Take the time to Love yourself.  You don’t have to search for that one true Love, when your holding loving thoughts and conducting loving actions, you will attract and manifest love in all aspects of your life.  Call upon me to guide your thoughts and actions, to bring romance into your life, starting with you. Talk to me regularly about your love life.  I can help you fall in love with you first, and then with life, when you love life you will heal and manifest wonderful relationships. 

Working with Archangel Chamuel: Chamuel’s aura is pale green, like a spring leaf in the morning sunlight. You can feel Chamuel’s loving energy by wearing or carrying a green fluorite crystal.

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