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Divine Order

Archangel Raguel: Everything is how it needs to be right now.  Look past the illusion, and see that everything is in Divine Order.

This requires you to have blind faith that Heaven is working behind the scenes to extract the highest good for all. Ask me to insure your faith to everyone and everything involved.  Use positive affirmations and prayers to keep your spirits high above all, make sure that your conversations about this situation involve positive and optimistic words and phrases. You are so powerful that your positive thoughts can speed the intention along even quicker.

Working with Archangel Raguel: Raguel has a beautiful pale blue aura, like the sky on a perfect spring morning.His the Archangel who guides people to act in fair and just ways, and Raguel also gives us faith in humanity’s essential goodness.  Wearing or holding a aquamarine crystal will align you with Raguel’s kind and wise persona.

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Sometimes in our readings, you may need more clarity on the messages that you received from the Angels. If so Fill out your info below, and I will get back with you within 24 hours.

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