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3 Guardian Angel Prayers for Strength, Courage, and Protection

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3 Prayers to Call On Your Angels


A Guardian Angel Prayer is in its simplest sense is a request for help from the angel who is specifically committed to serve and support you in your life. In some cases you may have more than one guardian angel and whether you're aware of it or not, they support you day and night.

The specific Prayers I’m about to share will you will help you to invoke the presence, help, and guidance of your guardian angel right here and now. These are not catholic prayers (though I share a catholic prayer at the bottom of this post if that is what you're looking for), nor are they prayers associated with any religion. The truth is that guardian angels prayers operate outside of any one religion, culture and theology and are available to guide and assist all.

However your guardian angel honors your free will and purpose of learning in your life. As a result they have a deep code of ethics not to interfere and intervene without permission.

You can however ask for guidance assistance, which allows them to step in.

The Guardian Angel Prayer For Protection

This simple Guardian Angel Prayer for protection is perfect to use to invoke the presence and assistance of your Guardian Angel to ask for their protection.

To begin, you can close your eyes and shift your awareness within, just taking a moment to breathe and relax.

Take a moment to let go of your focus on the external, entering inward from the normal state of your waking mind into an inner-focused place of stillness, peace, and calm. Open your heart and with your awareness, enter into the open space at the center of your being that is illuminated with the divine presence that glows within and that opens the gateway for you to directly connect with, communicate with, and experience the angelic realms.

Then ask with clear intent:

“I now call upon Source of All That Is. God. The One. Solar Logos. Christ… Guardian angels. Connect with me directly now.

Surround me with your love and divine healing frequency to protect my physical and energetic being. Protect my space and my energy, clearing out from within this space anything that no longer serves.

Clear out any fear, negativity, entities, and any distorted energy.

And I ask that my guardian angel around me act as a protective shield.

I ask that you protect and shield my energy from any external negativity, density or distortion so that this shield blocks out all that is out of alignment with love and peace and divine truth.

Through this shield, light, guidance and love and healing frequency can pass. But any distortion or negativity is blocked out and released.

I thank you for protecting my mind, body, and spirit. Thank you for clearly guiding me, supporting me, and assisting me in my life.   Thank you for helping me to stand in my truth and to vibrantly and authentically shine.”

And so it is. Amen.

After you speak, or mentally repeat this prayer in your mind, take a moment to tune into your heart and let your awareness rise up… Tuning into the space above and around you.

Stay still, present and calm. Knowing that this still silent presence supports you in opening the doorway for you to experience Protection in a powerful and tangible way right here and now.

When you feel complete, end with gratitude for your guardian angel, for God, Source, All That Is…

Short Guardian Angels Prayer For Guidance and Inspiration

Shift your focus within as you breathe, relax, and let go….

Then think or say:

“Guardian Angels, in this moment here and now I call upon you and ask for your help. Please guide and assist me today. Help me to stay present, positive, and open to the miracles of life in every moment.

Help me to cultivate the presence, willingness, and strength needed to act in alignment with my highest truth and to live in accordance with my Divine Life Purpose.

Help me to clearly know my highest and best next steps. Help me to stay open to the blessings and opportunities the Divine and Universe want to align for me.

Help me to stay open to Divine Inspiration and guidance. And to act in alignment with Divine Will so that I may be of service towards others in alignment with Divine Will and in alignment with my highest truth.”


Prayer to Invite Your Guardian Angels Into Your Life


Begin By Relaxing

Begin by focusing your awareness within. I like to imagine myself surrounded by light and surrounded by the vibration of love.

This first step isn’t required for a Guardian Angel prayer, but when I pray, taking this moment to consciously raise my vibration makes it easier to tune into the presence of my guardian angel.

And so, breath, relax and allow your vibration to lift as you  focus your awareness within and then think or say:

“Thank you beloved Source of All That Is, God.

Thank you Guardian Angels for entering into this present time and space.

Thank you for helping me in my life here and now.

Please help me in my life and guard me on my path.

Please protect me energetically, cleansing my energy of any lower vibrational forces and helping me to connect with the highest levels of divine peace and presence…

Help me to tune into your presence and the highest level of your guidance.

Please support me in being true to myself and stepping into more of my authentic truth and my true divine nature.

Please help me to see the opportunities that will most serve me.

Please help bring me into alignment with the opportunities, with the possibilities, with the blessings for my life here and now that will most serve me and help me to be a beacon of positivity in this world, to create a positive ripples out beyond me in every moment.

Thank you for protecting me, for supporting me in my life and for protecting and supporting those I care about. Please bring your energy into all areas of my life, infusing this present moment with your presence, guidance and with your healing energy.

Please connect with me now in a way that I can understand and experience this. I ask this according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good. Thank you for connecting with me, helping me, protecting me, comforting me and loving me.

And so, it is… Thank you. Thank you. .”  Amen


For reference, I wanted to share with you a common Catholic Prayer here as well.

Here is the Catholic Prayer:

Angel of God, my guardian dear. To whom God's love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side, to light and guard. To rule and guide. Amen.

As you can see, the intention and meaning behind the catholic prayer is very similar to the prayers I've written here. The intention is to tap into higher support and guidance.

Remember, there's no one right or wrong way to pray… Go with what feels right for you!

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