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White Sage Smudge Kit with Feather + Abalone Shell + Stand + Instructions for Use | Spiritual Use Smoke Cleanse Ceremony Sage Bundle Smudging Kit (6 Sage Smudge Kit)

White Sage Smudge Kit with Feather

SKU: 364215376135191
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  • Home Cleansing & Smudging Kit with White Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone & Stand, Smudge Feather & Guide - Smudge Kit with Sage Smudge Sticks.  🌙 At Blue River Sage, we work very hard to make sure the quality of our sage is excellent. We quality check every single piece of sage that we touch and make sure it is up to our standards before it reach your hands.🌎 Grown on private land in the mountains around California, our white sage is carefully picked and prepared by trained workers who hand tie each bundle one-by-one.🪐 Let the calm and loving energy gently season you as the sage burns and crystals shine ~🌱 Everything you see is sustainably sourced and packaged with sincere care and attention - even our packaging is recyclable!💙 Quality Sage, Sustainably Grown - For Your Ceremony, Healing & Spiritual Growth!

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