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Relationships are foundational to our sense of happiness in the world. Unfortunately, societal messaging tells us that simply loving someone is enough to make a relationship work. And, if you are having conflict in your relationship, it simply means you have not found the right person.

What if we took this same attitude towards other aspects of our lives? For example, what if we said: “If you were meant to be a musician, you should be able to write your own music as soon as you touch a piano.” We know this is absurd. So why do we assume we are just supposed to be great at relationships – when so few of us have actually learned proper relating skills in our early lives?

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With self-love bootcamp relationship course you'll show up in relationships as a strong, confident, and secure person. ... When you truly love yourself, you'll know what boundaries you need to set, what you'll put up with, and when to walk away. You'll show up as an empowered person and healthy partner when you embody self-love.

Relationships are all you need with Loving you first, and that's what Self Love Bootcamp relationship Course is all about.

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Wheather it's with yourself, or a date with someone special having a relationship Together we can make it a better relationship when you know yourself and what you want in a true loving relationship, but you will not have one until you have a relationship with yourself. We have the tools to help you create the Love life you deserve.

This course is a 4 week course every Friday evening at 7:pm est. The course will be on the Zoom platform. When registerd for the course we will send you the course information and guidlines for your convenence.

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