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How to Work With Healing Crystals Healing With Crystals! Healing Crystals

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Crystals are the physical manifestation of spiritual consciousness into divine geometric forms. They are perfect geometric formations of light in the physical.Each type of crystal vibrates with a specific light frequency, and through their subtle energetic resonance they offer powerful healing and spiritual transformation.Crystal healing is something everyone can use. It's easy, natural, and really quite powerful.One of the things I love about working with crystals, gems, and other stones is how magical and unique they all are. Even among the same type of stone, each individual piece has their own qualities, characteristics, and ability to interact with individuals on a personal level. And then each of our responses to the different stones also varies based on where we are in our lives currently as well as what our spiritual and physical needs are.

Everything in the physical world is made of energy, including the human body, which has it's own unique vibrations .Each type of crystal also vibrates with a unique frequency, and through this unique vibration, comes unique healing properties.Some crystals offer grounding and protection, some physical healing, and others have incredibly high spiritual vibrations and will help you to raise your personal vibration, connect with the energy of ascension, and experience more of the love and light of the higher spiritual realms in your life. Essentially when working with crystals, the subtle energy of the crystal integrates with your energy helping to balance, energize, heal and uplift your physical and energetic being. 

By simply having crystals around you they naturally emit their subtle healing frequency to cleanse, transform and uplift you and the energy around you. Working with crystals can be as simple as having them near, holding them, looking at them, or placing them on your nightstand.  Having crystals around can help you to remove energetic blockages, open your spiritual communication, bring mental and emotional healing, and so much more.


Two important things to note when working with crystals are:

that they can be programmed, and many require regular cleansing.

1. Cleansing Crystals Lets talk about cleansing crystals first. Since crystals work by blending with the energy surrounding them, they will often absorb negativity along with transmitting light.Over time, or after being in a particularly harsh environment or offering a powerful healing, crystals can absorb so much density that their healing properties actually become partially or completely blocked. Cleansing crystals works by releasing any density they have taken on, and recharging them with light to increase the healing power of the stone.


I recommend cleansing and recharging your crystals on a regular basis, and definitely when you first purchase or find a new stone.


How to Cleanse Your Crystals How to Cleanse Crystals


Crystal cleansing is quick and easy and there are many ways to do it, and all of which are made even more powerful with intention.Salt Bed: Placing your crystals in a bed of salt for 24 hours is a powerful and effective way to cleanse their energy. Perfect for smaller stones and crystals.

Salt Water:

Soak your crystals in a salt bath. (Not malachite, lapis, selenite, or turquoise). This is also a somewhat harsh cleansing method and should not be used on high end vogels or other very high end stones.



Place your crystals outside under the light of the Full Moon to cleanse and recharge. Best for stones associated with the moonlight like selenite or moonstone.



Place your crystals outside in the direct sunlight. Be careful not to leave in the sun too long as the color of some crystals such as amethyst will fade with prolonged sun exposure. Certain stones like amethyst and azurite should not be placed in the sunlight because they fade.


Incense/ White:

Pass your crystal through the smoke of white sage to energetically cleanse and release negativity into the light. Cleansing incense like sage, sandalwood, or copal are also very effective.


Running Water:

Hold your crystal in the flow of clear, unpolluted water to cleanse and energize their vibration. If you live near a stream, creek or river. Be careful with stones like selenite or raw malachite that dissolve in water.


Sound Healing:

Use sound healing to cleanse and recharge your crystals by playing singing bowls near them, ringing brass bells, or using tingshas. Drumming with the intention to cleanse and charge your crystals can also be effective.


Crystals that Cleanse Negativity: Indigo Gabbro can in some places cleanse the energy of other stones.


The Earth:

Place your crystals in the Earth by safely burying them for 12-24 hours. This will cleanse and energize the stones. Be sure you’re able to locate where you buried them. Select a place free from pesticides, fertilizer and chemicals as well as negative geopathic stress.


White Light:

Invoke the presence of white light and visualize it cleansing your crystals of any and all negativity as it charges and energizes the stones as well. Ask, and then see, sense, and imagine your crystal being cleansed with Divine white light.Ask the Angels for Help: Archangel Ariel oversees the mineral realm, and can also be called upon to cleanse your crystals. Epona is also a powerful guide to call upon when it comes to working with and cleansing crystals.



Whatever method you choose to cleanse your crystals, be sure to set the intention for cleansing to occur.How to Cleanse Crystals with LightThe truth is that the only thing you need to use to cleanse your crystals is divine light.

Surround Your Crystal with Divine Light As you imagine divine light all around you, let your awareness shift inside and let go of the focus on the external world around you. Lett go of focus on the past or future; let go of focus on your body.

Allow yourself to tune into your inner state of being to breathe and become aware of light all around you.

Say or think,

“I now ask to be surrounded with divine light and Angels. Enter into this present time and space to cleanse this crystal with light.”

Imagine the brightest golden light around your crystal, cleansing it fully and completely. Any negativity, stagnant energy, past programs, or stored energies are released out into the light of the divine.

Golden LightI like to work with golden light because it includes every color of light, both in the visible and non-visible spectrum. Imagine light moving up through it, pulling out and releasing into the light any negativity so that this beautiful crystal can shine with more of its authentic truth according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is.A Cleanse and Recharge All in OneThe beautiful thing about cleansing your crystals with light in this way is that it not only cleanses the old, it also recharges it.


Really, cleansing your crystals with light is a cleanse and recharge all in one. This practice elevates its vibration, restores its authenticity and beautiful energy so that it can support you and benefit you in your life.At this point, it’s now ready for you to use, program, and send your intentions into. Make sure your crystals are clear because they do absorb energy and when they take on energy, they need to be cleansed and reset to their true pure authenticity, crystalline power, and vibrant light.


Cleansing Stones

There are stones like indigo gabbro which are self-cleansing. They transmute negativity and lower vibrations into light. Selenite and Kyanite have some cleansing properties… However, I still like to cleanse and recharge selenite the same way.


Cleansing Crystals with Sunlight!

Cleansing Crystals  Invocation For Cleansing Crystals

“I now ask that these crystals be surrounded with Divine white light.

I ask that any and all negativity or density be cleansed and released into the light of the Divine with assistance from Archangel Michael, and Archangel Ariel.

 I ask that the full power of these healing stones be restored, and that their full light and healing energy is empowered to shine through. I ask this according to Divine will for the highest and greatest good. And so it is.

”However you choose to cleanse your crystals and gemstones, do so with good intentions, and with loving care and kindness.Remember that although their consciousness is much different than ours, they are tender, loving, and alive.When you take care of your crystals, crystals have an incredible ability to take care of you and to nurture and support your mind, emotions, body, and spirit.


How to Program Crystals – Programming Healing Crystals with the Power of IntentionOnce you've cleansed your crystals… You're ready to program them!Crystals are very receptive to your intentions and you can let them know what you would like them to help you with. Without programming, they still have benefit. They’ll vibrate with a subtle energy and frequency that is supportive. But you, as a conscious creator and conscious being, have the ability to focus the power of your crystals in specific areas. Prepare Yourself to Program Your Healing CrystalsIt's up to you to prepare yourself energetically for best results.

To clear and elevate your vibration,

focus inward on the area of your heart. Just breath and relax, letting your heart light glow and expand. You can call upon your team of Guides, Angels, Jesus, or whoever you feel comfortable with calling on, to cleanse your energy and elevate your vibration. Envision a golden egg or orb of light around your body, mind, and spirit. This orb elevates your light, raising your vibration. Center all of your awareness into this moment here and now. Reclaim energies from the past, draw back any focus on the future, and fully focus right here and now.

Open heart, vibrant light, present, centered, calm. Connect with Your CrystalHold your cleansed crystal out in front of you. Continue to focus on your heart, letting it open wide. Crystals are conscious beings, although it's a much different form of consciousness than yours and mine. They’re nonetheless conscious. Through your open heart, you are able to directly link with the energy of your crystal.


Feel the conscious energy of the crystal in front of you. Imagine light flowing in from above, through your crown, down your spinal column, and uniting all of your chakras as one pillar of light. Your heart is open wide. Send light energy from your heart and hands into your crystal to directly link. Just feel the connection with your crystal as it is attuned to your energy and you are attuned to it.Sit and enjoy this connection for as long as you want. It is beautiful. This is a powerful way to meditate. Tune into its crystalline energy and conscious awareness of the crystalline form you’re holding.

When you're ready, simply direct your intention towards the stone. Program Your Crystals


Programming Crystals

Once you've made that heart-to-crystalline connection, the doors open for you to imprint your intention and program your crystal.You can do this for a group of crystals if you're going to grid your home, you can set an intention for energetic protection, or any number of reasons.

“It is my intention that you hold a high vibration to support me in maintaining my highest vibrational light. Support me in maintaining radiant health, well-being, vibrant physical vitality and awakened spiritual light. Help me have a clear mind, vibrant spirit, and healthy body. Help me to maintain the highest vibration of my mind, body and spirit. I ask this according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is.Once you set your intention, just focus on the crystal, feeling its energy. Feel that intention being written. It is automatic, but you can also feel it weaving into being. I notice almost immediately after setting an intention that my vibration lifts as a result.


Practice Programming Your Crystals Yourself

Give programming your crystals a try.

Make sure you first cleanse, them and then try connecting with them directly, heart to crystalline, and then set an intention. Focus that crystalline power into areas of your life according to your desire and intention. If you're working with rose quartz, you can set the intention to help you maintain a greater state of love or to attract a loving partner in your life. You can program crystals with about five things before the intention may be diluted.

When you gaze into a crystal, you're tuning into it's subtle energy. Then, using your conscious intention you can program your crystal. Sponsored Links Hold or gaze into your your crystal and tune into it's energy.You can then ask it to bring you healing, help you connect with your angels, or stay in a state of love and compassion. Once you ask your crystal for help with a specific purpose, it will hold this vibration and work around the clock through subtle energy to support you. When you've achieved your goal, or along the road, it's always good idea to re-cleanse, energize, and re-program your crystals with the attributes or qualities you'd like help connecting with.Choosing Crystals Different crystals do have specific healing vibrations they are known to transmit and there are a number of good books which will offer ‘crystal prescriptions' and insight into which crystals to use for certain remedies. You don't have to choose crystals this way though.Intuition is the most powerful guide when it comes to choosing crystals.

Over time you may collect a number of crystals to support you energetically. Just choose those you are drawn to, those you feel a connection with and those which feel good to you. If you choose your crystals in this way you will have far greater results than choosing crystals based on descriptions in a book.

I'm not saying don't look at the descriptions of crystals, I've actually written a short post with some properties of crystals here…Just honor your intuition more than the descriptions when it comes to choosing. I like to think of it not in terms of you choosing a crystal, but rather that the right crystals will choose you.There are many crystals which carry an incredibly high vibration and will offer powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and transformation by simply having them around.

Healing Crystals

Want to take working with crystals to the next level? Crystals of all sizes, shapes, colors, and textures are wonderful. Yours can be a simple tumbled stone, a small point, or a chip. Crystals carry a great deal of wisdom and insight and are great to meditate with.

Hold one in your hand or place it in front of you as you clear your mind and gaze into it to open to the energy, wisdom, healing and insight within.

Do you have a favorite crystal?

Was this helpful?

I love hearing from you so be sure to leave me a comment below.

Don't have any crystals yet or need more? 😉 There really are some good crystal deals online on stones like fluorite, selenite, amethyst… and more!With many blessings of love, light, and gratitude,

Coach Tyra Love

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