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How to Connect with Archangel Zadkiel  Meditation and Prayer

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Connecting with Archangel Zadkiel can be done most effectively through meditation and prayer. This is because, like all angels, Zadkiel is a being of light. This means that for us to become aware of his presence, and receptive to his guidance and energy, we must first attune our awareness to the more subtle dimensions of light where angels reside.

To do this:

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and where can sit comfortably, to relax, and let go.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body.

You can start by reciting a prayer or invocation to invite Archangel Zadkiel's presence into your space.

Focus on your intention to connect with Archangel Zadkiel.

You can also use crystals and other tools to amplify your connection with Archangel Zadkiel. Amethyst, sugilite, and charoite are all purple stones that are associated with the angel of mercy.

Archangel Zadkiel Prayer

Join me in experiencing the light of Zadkiel; the power of forgiveness and transmutation now.

By using this simple prayer, you will feel the presence of Zadkiel come in. I recommend repeating the words of the prayer aloud or in your mind to really claim this for yourself and invoke the presence of Archangel Zadkiel.

Focus inward on your heart. Let your heart open and visualize light all around you. See it elevating your vibration so that you can tune into and connect with Archangel Zadkiel.



Connect with Archangel Zadkiel with this simple prayer now:

“Thank you, Archangel Zadkiel for entering into this present time and space and for directly connecting with me now through my open heart. Thank you for assisting me in tuning into your powerful light of forgiveness, mercy and transmutation.

I ask for your support now in tuning into the power of forgiveness across the lines of time. I also ask for divine forgiveness for anyone who has hurt me consciously or unconsciously in the past, present or future. Help me to tune into the power of divine forgiveness now. I ask for forgiveness on behalf of anyone whom I have hurt in past, present or future.

Help me to tune into this light and power now. I ask that you assist me in tuning into your violet light of transmutation to release any dense energies, emotions, fears, or anxieties stored in my body or in the energy of my lower chakra energy centers.

Release any beliefs held in my memory, that are limiting me and any emotions that are weighing me down consciously or unconsciously.

I ask for your guidance and direct intervention in releasing all distortion, negativity and all that no longer serves into the light of the Violet Flame Now so I may shine more brightly and in more alignment with my highest and divine truth.

Thank you Zadkiel and Archangels for supporting me now in the way that will most serve. Thank you for illuminating my highest path before me so that I can fully step into my highest potential, my highest light and radiance so I may be of service in the world at a higher level.

Thank you for helping me to transmute and release all distortions in my field, all that no longer serves, and all that is dense, stagnant or fear-based into the light.

Help me to more vibrantly shine my highest Truth and light and to show up in every moment with more presence, truth, and authenticity.

I ask that you support me in raising my frequency, so I can see, hear, sense and know your direct guidance, insight, wisdom, healing frequency, and love.

I thank you for your presence in my life, for your presence in this moment here and now.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And so it is.”



Meditation to Connect with Archangel Zadkiel

A great way to deepen your connection with Zadkiel is to listen to guided meditations and channeled angel messages with Archangel Zadkiel where his energy and Violet Flame light is present.

Listen to a guided meditation with Archangel Zadkiel here:



Additionally, here are some free messages I've channeled with Zadkiel for you to enjoy now as well.

  • Celebrating Love In It's Many Forms!

    • Archangel Zadkiel connects in this free angel message with a broadcast of frequency and light of the Violet Flame to support you in aligning with the unlimited blessings of Divine Love in your life.

  • Message from Archangel Zadkiel- Freedom

    • Discover the True Nature of Freedom and how live and to express fully the Freedom that is available to you now when you release karma and past trauma stored in memory, to embrace and embody True Freedom in your life now.

  • Message from Archangel Zadkiel- Release

    • This message from Archangel Zadkiel will guide you to release tension, fear and negativity from your body, mind, and spirit. You will clear karma and density from your memory and energetic field, releasing into the light of the seventh ray so that you may hold more light in your body, and more vibrantly shine.

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