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9 Energy Clearing Techniques | Use Positive Energy From The Angels

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9 Ways to Cleanse the Energy in Your Home

1. Open the Windows

This one is for sure the easiest, even if you live in a large city.  Open the doors and windows in as many rooms as you can.  This lets in sunlight and fresh air and allows it to circulate around the house.  If you can’t open windows, just open the curtains or pull up the blinds.

Just an hour is enough to make a huge difference in energetically clearing your space, especially when you set the intention for the energy in your home to be cleansed and elevated by opening the windows and letting light and sunlight in.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Sometimes what’s required to energetically cleanse your space is physically cleaning it! If your space feels off to you, take out the trash, do the dishes, put things away and you'll likely notice a positive shift right away.

Are your tables and shelves filled with things? Consider eliminating clutter… A good general rule is no more than three things on any one surface.

When you eliminate physical clutter, you're making it that much easier to clear out energetic clutter, stagnant energy and negativity in any form.

3. Sage Cleansing

Smudging with sage has been well known and used as a cleansing and purifying agent for generations.

White sage is considered the ultimate herb for raising energy vibrations.  To tap into the power of white sage for yourself, open some windows or doors and light some sage.  You can purchase it in bundles and it burns like incense – there is no need to have an open flame, but you might want to hold a bowl or plate underneath to catch the ash.

Moving in a methodical route, walk through each room with the sage, covering the corners, nooks, and crannies as much as you can. As you allow the smoke from the sage to flow throughout your home, hold the intention for cleansing to occur and negativity, stuck or stagnant energy to be released out of your space and into the light.

If you have a small paper fan you can use it to waft the smoke up into the ceiling corners.  When you’re finished, sage around the front door.  then express gratitude for the cleansing.

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Additionally, the smoke of a clearing incense such as cedar, frankincense, sandalwood, or palo santo will also assist energetically clearing spaces. Carry the smoldering incense into each of the rooms of your home, allowing it to flow into every corner within the rooms of your home in order to cleanse the space in this manner.

As you smudge with sage, ask the angels to release any and all negativity into the light of the Divine.

4. Play Music

Sound is both transformational and healing.  If you’ve ever danced around the kitchen while cooking, then you know what I mean!  Using music to energetically cleanse a space can be as simple as playing any music that makes you feel good.  As the music affects you, your energy will then replace stagnant energy in the house.

Music is also made specifically for healing – hymns, singing bowls, and chanting carrying each carry their own transformational signature and can impact the energy in your home just by playing it.

You can also sing, use a Tibetan singing bowl, ring a bell, use a tingsha cymbal or really anything that brings sound into your space.

5. Salt

Tap into the cleansing power of the Sea… With salt! Find a bottle sprayer that has a fine misting setting.  Mix two tablespoons of pure salt (without iodine or other chemicals added) with two cups of water and pour it into the water bottle.  Shake it well to dissolve the salt and then simply walk through the house spraying the solution into the air with the intention for the mist to cleanse and energetically uplift the space.

Salt breaks down the negative energy and helps it to dissipate from the room.  You can also spray it and walk through the mist to cleanse your aura. Just be careful with your clothes, and furniture!

A variation of this process is to simply use a Himalayan salt lamp! These lamps have a subtle but positive energy clearing effect that comes from just turning them on!

6. Crystals

Crystals are high vibration raisers.  They have a powerful effect on people and on the space surrounding them. Crystals can absorb the electromagnetic energy from your computer, television, mobile phone, and other devices – all you have to do is place a crystal nearby the device and the electromagnetic energy doesn’t have the chance to fill your home. They aren’t limited to this though, place crystals in strategic points around your house in order to keep the vibration level high.

I love black tourmaline, rose quartz, clear quartz points, and selenite.

It’s important to cleanse the crystals of all that they’ve absorbed.

Click Here to learn more about Healing Crystals, including how to cleanse them!

7. Clean Your Entrances

Energy primarily gets in through your exterior entrances.  Windows, doors, vents, pet doors, etc. Keeping these areas clean can go a long way to maintaining a high energy space.  Fill a bucket with water, the juice of 3-4 lemons, a cup of salt, and ¼ cup of white vinegar.  Then clean!

Scrub the doors, knobs, windows, panes, frames, whatever catches your eye.  It doesn’t need to be “My Mother-in-law is visiting” level, just a nice wipe down will do the trick.

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8. Move the Furniture

This is also a classic Feng Shui technique and can be a lot of fun.  Pick a room and see what items can be shifted.  You can go large and rearrange the entire room, or you can do something simple like change pictures on the wall, shift a lamp, change curtains or blankets/coverings, or rearrange books, cupboards, drawers.

Anything really.  Just make a change.  You’ll notice the difference right away.  The key here is not to do too much too often.  Change something once per week, using different rooms of the house. Changing the same room again and again can create its own energy disturbance, but moving furniture around has a powerful effect on circulating energy, cleansing out the old and bringing positive new vibrations into your space.

9. Call in Angels and White Light! 

Finally, to complete a space clearing on your home, office, or really anywhere you choose, I recommend calling in the assistance of your angels and white light. Your angels are ready and willing to help you cleanse your space, and to bless it with love, positive energy, and compassion.

Energy Clearing With Your Angels!

Focus within, relax, and then think or say:

“At this time I now call upon 100,000 angels of healing, love, light, and protection. Please enter into this present time and space.

Fill this space with divine healing light, with love, and with high vibrational energy.

I now ask that Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Uriel, Jesus, Orion, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and any other guides and angels of light who can most serve now in cleansing, purifying and uplifting the vibration of this space… Enter now.

I ask that any lower vibrational energy be lifted up and released into the light.  Clear out any lower vibrational energy, and any energies of others which may be lingering… Release any dense, stagnant or stuck energy… Clearing out any thought formations, any attachments and any entities. These are now lifted up, out and released into the light for the highest and greatest good according to Divine Will.

And so it is

Next imagine a waterfall of Divine light pouring into your space and flowing in all around you.

Flowing into every room, filling the space totally and completely with light.

Again releasing negativity in any form. Releasing anything that is not love, and welcoming in the divine vibrations of joy, love, bliss compassion, peace, happiness and love.

Next thank you team of guides and Angel for being present, for protecting your space energetically…

“Please place an orb of light around the entire space allowing love and light and guidance from spirit to enter in, while blocking out and protecting against any lower vibrational entities or energies and lower vibrational thought patterns as well. If these lower energies do come up, may they be effortlessly released into the light according to Divine Will or the highest and greatest good.

And so it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Do you feel the light which is flowing in and present all around you?

As you read or watch this angelic invocation for energy clearing, trust that the space clearing is happening with assistance from your angels.

Your conscious energy is a powerful factor in healing and manifestation alike, and by expecting a successful clearing, you set the stage to receive just that.

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