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27 Ways to Shift Into Spiritual Self-Love Now

Updated: Jun 17

Self-love is so essential, and its becoming increasingly important now as we individually and collectively navigate through challenging times.
But what is self-love really?
Self-love is a concept that's thrown around a lot… But what does it really mean?
At the very core, self-love is about making an internal commitment to your own mental health, as well as spiritual, and physical well-being.
Spiritual Self-love is about accepting yourself & knowing who you are spiritually, you must take actions that support your growth.
Taking the actions that are nurturing and supportive of you, empowers you to accept yourself more. To honor your weaknesses as well as strengths and to begin to have more compassion, and yes love for yourself and who you really are, which is a beautifully unique Spiritual being.
Spiritual Self-love is where you love yourself first, so you can show up in relationships fully and truly be there for, and love others.

An Essential Foundation
Spiritual Self-love is the foundation required for you to be able to connect with our higher self, have an overflow of love and be of service in the world, and in the highest interest of all.

 You will learn:
5 Ways to INSTANTLY Shift Into Spiritual Self-Love
1. Make An Internal Commitment
The first way to shift is to recognize the importance of spiritual self-love and to then make an internal commitment and intention to love yourself more fully,
2. Quiet The Inner Critic
The second key is to become aware of and begin to quiet and dismiss the voice of judgement that is your “inner critic”.

 3. Lean Into The Present Moment
The third way to shift into a state of spiritual self-love instantly and powerfully, is to lean into present moment, to become fully present in the moment that is now.
4. Let Go of What No Longer Serves You
The fourth way to spiritual self-love is to become aware of how you're acting out of alignment with love.

What do you need to let go of to do this?
To be able to prioritize fun, play, laughter, inner peace, balance, and harmony? Maybe instead of going to your phone and browsing Facebook first thing in the morning you choose to meditate straight away.
5. Take Action and Create Meaningful Process
A big part of spiritual self-love is committing to and getting to work creating, and taking action steps in the direction of what's meaningful for you…

How are you being called to be of service in the world, to be of service to others in a way you love and enjoy?
What would be fulfilling, inspiring and enjoyable to work on?
Start now!
When you take steps in that direction, following your heart and creating in a way that's meaningful for you… It feels incredible. When you then keep creating in a way that's of service in the world, and in the highest interest of all, now that you can connect with the help that is all around us, your guaridian angels, your spirit guides, and spirit team, all of these are here to help you in this journey of life, that is one of the most fulfilling, rewarding, and loving things that you can do.

Shift Into Being of Service

Return To Spiritual Self-Love
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Let Spiritual Self-Love Grow and Blossom from Within You
Choose to shift. Choose to cultivate love. Cultivate your inner light and let your light shine. With gratitude and bright blessings,

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