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How To Balance All 7 Chakras

Updated: Jul 13

The seven chakras are energetic portals between your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. But wait, what does that even mean? What are the seven chakras, and why are they important? Do these energy centers have an impact on your well-being?
Exploring this topic is well worth it because by understanding how your chakra energy centers work and keeping them in balance, you gain access to valuable tools for finding peace, and clarity, and connecting with higher states of consciousness and the divine.
By deeply understanding the role your energy centers play in how you experience life and relate to others, you can also gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Then, keeping the chakras open and in balance can be used as a tool for healing, discovering who you are, and working through anything that is holding you back from being your true self. 
So what are chakras?
Your chakras are the energy centers within your physical body that align with the spine acting as anchor points for etheric life force energy within your physical being.
Each chakra governs various organs or regions of your body, and then all of your chakras together work as one, the rainbow bridge between the physical and spiritual.
When your chakras are opened and balanced, etheric lifeforce energy flows through you easily. When they are muddied, blocked, or excessive and unbalanced, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical issues can arise.
In this workshop, you’re going to learn what chakras are, and you will gain insight into what they do and how to heal and balance them.

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